Monday, April 18, 2011

Sexy Librarian Mode ON

My brother graduated from UPD with a degree in Library Science. Yey~ My family minus Alvin (people kept asking where he was and the common answer was "He's underwater." - My youngest brother is a marine biologist so everybody gets the joke.) were in Diliman to wait for GM to graduate. He decided to just go to the college ceremony and skip the university ceremony where the president usually has to give the speech.

I am really happy for my mom. I hope GM won't be like me. He still needs to review until September. But I am hoping that he would not have a problem with getting a part-time job while he is reviewing. Then he would be able to handle whatever job he would have. He just needs to realize that the world is full of dumbass superiors who are out to give him a hard time. He just needs to roll with the punches and just deal. He's an adult now, officially and he has no choice but to act like one.

I got glasses (again) and I am still a solid 175 on both eyes. Of course I still have astigmatism but I am happy that things are clearer now. People are saying that I like milder when I have glasses. Clark Kent much? But what they don't know is that I might just be more evil with my glasses on. I owe my mom for it (again) but I am feeling much better now that I can see past an arm's length from me.

I wonder what Ico looks like with my glasses on? *tee-hee* He is exercising more than I am so he must look better than I do. ^.^ It's too bad that I can't wear contact lenses because of the allergic reaction that I get. But if I do get married, I wouldn't be wearing glasses then.

I am just really glad that I can see things clearly now. But more so that my heart can see clearly now. More than ever.

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