Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay so now that you have read it, ignore the grammatically incorrect comments and focus on what actually happened. A helpless girl who is just expressing her love for something and bothered to do her best to put the best version of flattery together was placed in a situation where she would not be strong enough to run away or kick the guy in the nuts.

There are boys with big swords, fake guns, baseball bats, death hooks, free hugs signs and whatnot in that place. There are amazons, sailor soldiers, ninjas, moms, street fighters, superheroes, death eaters and whatnot there.

I wonder, where were the people she was hanging out with? In a con where there are hundreds of people, how can you protect yourself if you are a girl?

1. Travel in threes. 

Imagine two of you holding that perv and one grabbing his camera and making a run for it to the nearest security guy after taking a picture of him. Neato, huh?

2. Travel with a demon. (or any male friend who is also cosplaying preferrably someone with a big prop he can use to poke, wak or main that pervographer)

It would be self-defense if your friend lends it to you and you whack that fucker up. It would be more fun if you call out his name or you say, "Stay the hell away from us you perverted old man!"

3. Two words, RAPE WHISTLE

In a loud and crowded place where everybody is talking and cameras are flashing, a shrill sound of your rape whistle would freak him out, perhaps get the security to notice you and/or other people around you. If he tries to make a run for it, scream "Perv! Perv! Get him!" One syllable words are easier to say. But sometimes it's hard to say anything. Keep that whistle and blow on it and point at the guy who is making a run for it. The people would block him with weapons and their sheer number. You can get him, don't be a victim.

4. One word, NO in Nihonggo, iie.

If a guy is asking you to do a slutty pose say NO. Even if your character is from a HENTAI it doesn't matter. You never know what this person would use this picture for. Seriously, I don't have to paint a picture. Even if you are a cosplayer now, in the future you might be someone else who is so far removed from this person that you might regret posing that way.

5. Constant VIGILANCE and SING.

Corners are still like dark alleys. You can still be isolated even if you are in a crowd.

And remember to SING.

Stomach Instep Nose Groin

Watch video for reference as to how to do it. Modifications can be made. But remember, don't let anyone make you feel any less of a lady that you are. You deserve to be respected, whatever character you choose to be that day. You are someone's daughter and you are someone's granddaughter, if he doesn't respect women, it's up to you to ENLIGHTEN HIM. Or make him see stars. ^.^ 

Think WWAD "What would Alodia do?" She probably had her share of scary moments in cons. But she didn't let them abuse her. Her pictures are tasteful and she doesn't let people stop her from what she likes to do. Do not let one perv end your cosplaying days. ^.^


  1. I have been in the cosplaying inductry since 2003 and these things have been happening everywhere. Which is why the event organizers usually tell cosplayers to wear something decent and not kabastosbastos otherwise, if they do, the organizers can't really do anything to protect them. Sa dami ba naman ng cosplayers dun, how can they give you special treatment di ba? Not unless you are a cosplay celeb like Alodia. I see it this way. Fault din ng cosplayer un kung bakit siya nabastos dahil she chose to wear something like that and she left herself vulnerable to such a perv pero at the same time, fault din nung perv un kasi he never should have done anything so publicly just to satisfy his so called fantasies. Sadly, naparaming ganitong tao sa panahon ngayon lalo na sa cosplay industry. They pretend to be your friend and ask to become your photographer for your cosplay photoshoots and then eventually turn out to be either a perv or a pimp. Everybody knows about this, they just choose to turn a blind eye to it. Why? I do not know. The only thing that we can do now is to protect ourselves. If we are cosplayers then let's do our best to act the part but not do anything to provoke the male perv in every photographer out there. Let's never cosplay alone and if you do, always be with someone all the time. :) Safety first. Having fun with cosplay is good but to the point that you're putting your safety on the line, that's a totally different story. Let's all be aware.

  2. Nakita ko nga super daming tao. Ang this interest attract all sorts of "testosterone" levels. T_T I am ranting on my plurk things that I can't say in my blog because they are laced with curses. ^.^

    This is it. If my sister ever pics up this hobby, there would be me and my younger brother with her at all times. I would be cosplaying to, whatever it might be, I would still be holding a bat. Just in case I need to smash any cameras. Stepping on them is not enough. And as a softball player and warfreak sister I am sure they would neither walk nor father children ever again.

  3. Dapat talaga pag nagko-cosplay ka, you have to be with someone, para protected ka... grabe yung perv n yun! sna mahuli cya next time!

  4. makapagpractice ngang mag"sing"... Jagi!!! =D

  5. This post actually reminded me of the time when Alodia said she had a stalker (or perhaps stalkers). Pano ba naman kasi siya hindi magkakastalker eh nung time na un she was wearing a micro mini skirt with a bright wig and a spaghetti strap top. She obviously had it coming to her, di ba? Don't attract negative reactions if you don't need or want them. If you don't want to be a victim eh di don't make them think that you want to be one. Wala lang just sharing my thoughts. FYI, Lalo pang dumadami ang porno/perv photographers everywhere.

  6. Yeah. I am not a big fan of hers but she's kinda the go to metaphor for female cosplayers kasi ehehhe.

    But yeah. She should be AWARE. We should be aware of what we wear. Pero sabi nga ng friend ko, bakit tayo lang ang bansang democratiko kung saan tinatanong pa kung anong sinusuot ng babaeng nabiktima at hindi na lang siya tulungan na maipagtanggol ang kanyang puri. Me pinagmumulan naman ang costume nila eh. Pero ang nanakastress hindi lang sa con me mga ganito I am sure.

  7. You know, while I agree with advice how to deal with these pervs, I would seriously like to suggest not to engage in victim-blaming. It's very disingenious and allows pervs to make the defense that "she was asking for it."

    It doesn't matter if the cosplayer wore a micro mini or a burqa. A perv is a perv, and he WILL harass you.

  8. Precisely! Nagkataon lang naman na masmadali itong gawin sa cons dahil ung mga pervs and maniacs can easily blend in with the crowd. Sadly, nasisira tuloy and reputation ng mga tunay na photographers. As for the helping the woman who was victimized or molested part, well, I guess gaya nga ng sabi ko kanina. They had it coming. Hindi natin pwedeng isisi lang lahat sa iba ang lahat ng nangyari if somehow we are to blame too. Besides, you should help yourself and not rely on others to help you instead kasi for all you know, anjan lang ung ibang tao pero hindi lahat yan willing to do something or anything to save you. Most people will just stare and not do anything for you dahil ayaw nilang mainvolve. They'll say it's not their damned business to help you regardless na alam nilang nababastos ka na. Ganyan talaga dito sa atin so might as well follow some selft preservation and self defense tips di ba? :) You'll never know when you're gonna need them. A handy pepper spray or taiser gun (is that spelling even right?) will do the job too.

  9. ^ Pero panira sa costume. ^.^ Anyway, things can go wrong even when you are wearing a random boyish outfit. Like he said a perv is a perv. Walang modo nga eh. Bastos to the core. Grabe ichura kong to pag kumendeng lang ako ay ewangkoba. Kaya minsan na lang gusto kong mangdrop kick ng mga kasalubong na kadiri.

  10. Sabagay, may point ka dun. Minsan kasi kahit naman hindi kabastosbastos ang damit mo, you still end up being molested for some reason. Okay na ako sa random weird stares that I get everywhere kesa naman ung mamolest ako ng random perv sa tabi tabi di ba? Let's all be vigilant na lang. Good luck sa mga cosplayers sa mga susunod na cons.


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