Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christening The IT

I miss Ruel. My pc wasn't opening properly this morning. I was so scared that there wouldn't be an IT and things would go to hell for this day. Luckily, I was able to get it to start. It's just slow. I think I would need to remove data from it so it won't be so bogged down. Anyway.

The new IT trainee is in the morning. Nope, not permanently like I hope he would. Ate Mhel paraded him around and introduced him to some people. He was of course, visibly embarrassed by it. But he's nice enough to smile through it and let her do her thing.
I had talked to him before. I had a feeling that there would be a new IT and so I asked the receptionist who the new guy sitting in the lobby was. She said he would be the new PM IT. My heart went to my feet. But since he would still be an IT here, I talked to him. I asked him what his school was. (sorry, it's a UP thing to do this I think) and he said that he got his IT education from TESDA. Ico is planning to do that to so he might be a good person to ask about that later. I found out that his name is Aaron.

He got his baptism when Tiff's computer hanged. He was able to fix it in less than five minutes without a single peep and snide remark. And he's cute. Really God, how can you not give him to us as our IT. Oh well, family's important. The PM IT wants to make more time for his family (I am assuming.)

I admit that I love hanging around techies and geeks. So I gravitate around men who knows their way around computers. But my nerves can also sense those people who are not as good as they pretent to be.

*sighs* I miss Ruel. I am sad that we can't get Aaron. I hope he doesn't do anything that marks him as pet peeve any more than he already is. I know how important IT personnel are to online English teachers. They are our heroes. I just hoped that there would a much better replacement for Ruel. He spoiled us because he could fix things without much ado.

Oh well, family comes first. Ruel is probably going to follow his wifey in Ontario. He needs to send us chocolates when he's there na. Hmf.

I wouldn't mind if we have a nerdy Korean IT ehehe. ^>^

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