Monday, March 28, 2011

Forgotten blogs

I know that I have some rant blogs that I was supposed to write. But since the emotion have already passed and I am not the kind to keep it in, I have already forgotten all that has happened so what's the point of ranting about it.

I dwell on the happy thoughts thank you very much. So lemme tell you about the first time I ever watched a ballet performance with my boyfriend.

Yes, you heard me. I made my boyfriend watch ballet. *teehee* The KABARET was a nice experience for me. Minus the weird stage set-up and mosquitoes, I have learned some things about myself.

One, I prefer classical ballet to the modern renditions.
Two, ballerinas and male ballet dancers can be funny too.
Three, I really want to learn how to do pole dancing.

*screech sound* Yes, you read it right, pole dancing. There was a woman who won an international pole dancing competition who did a performance. I felt sad that I didn't borrow anyone's camera. I really need to buy one. If I had the old Kodak camera that we had at home, I would have been able to make stills of her performance. That would've been cool.

But I need to loose a lot of weight and train a lot before I can get my self through that. *second thoughts* It's too expensive. *puts pole dancing lessons in "in case I win the lottery and I have nothing else to do with my money" list*

My friends, JI and Trina met Ne Sarang. He was really quiet. We ate at the version of Bancheto of The Fort. I ate cheesy potatoes and *wait tries to remember* something else. Ico had his first White Chicago and he loved it. It turned out that his mom's co-worker is the proprietor of the cheesy potatoes. So when his mom checked up on him. He has a 10pm curfew. *Yes, I know how it sounds that my bf has a curfew and I don't. But it's a mom thing. ^.^* She told me that she knew the lady and that she brings them to her home once in a while. *WOW*

We went to Starbucks after that and they had coffee. I was too strung up to try to even drink coffee. If I drank coffee I would probably not sleep. I was too excited that day that I was bouncing around waiting for Ico to arrive. He had Saturday classes and had decided to come home before he went to Makati so he'd be able to take a bath. I was wringing my cp the whole time I was waiting at my friends' apartment.

But he was honest enough to say later that there were parts that he didn't understand what he was watching. I honestly had not problem understanding it, but the whole moving my neck to see a good look at the performance was stressful. I realized then that I want to watch ballet in a theater type stage and not in this kind of set up. It's too hard. I also need glasses. But those would have to wait. My roommate is leaving on the 15th of April and I have to pay 4,000 a month again.

My mom had decided to help out by letting me go home and giving me fare to go home. I can get my laundry taken cared of and she would give me some food to bring to Makati. I suddenly felt like in one blow, all of my personal goals for this year was shot to hell. Surely I can work on my loosing weight by not eating too much carbs, the oatmeal is already helping out but my weight will continue to yo-yo if I don't have money for a gym membership. And I was thinking that the only problem that I would have would be that I need to clean my room and my uptraining for OPIc. But loo and behold, my love life seems to be doing okay but the rest is fucked up.

But I am a resilient little bug. I am not going to let it get me down. It's a challenge. A personal battle against what I am capable of doing and enjoying under the worst of circumstances. Being a pessimist isn't going to help me. I need to move forward and work at things one at a time.

I still plan to list down the money that my mom would give me. I personally take it as part of my debt to her. I want to be the one giving her money and not the other way around. That is my only dream. I will work hard to reach that goal.

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