Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diva After my own Heart

She made me laugh. She made the ghosts of the theater where she portrayed a white lady laugh along with her. She was spontaneous, free and always ready to share a story with a look, a smile and her contagious laugh.

She was to me a goddess on stage and there are no words that can make the loss bearable.

She was loved. She is loved. She will always be a beloved friend, inspiration and reminder that life tends to take from us those whom we don't want to let go.

She was beautiful. She is beautiful. She will always be beautiful in our memories.

Let's remember her smile, her laughter and her ability to make us smile, laugh, and cry because of her performances, on and off the stage. But best of all, let's remember the friendship and the strength that she awakened in us.

In the future, I will quit smoking but I would always remember the ELBI where you were in. Where people shared lives amidst the puffs of smoke. 

We miss you already, Diana. Si Lord naman ang patawanin mo.

By Irvin

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