Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are ruining my buzz

I am beginning to get really freaking ticked off. They teach you how to do something one way then it turns out it's completely wrong. It is actually simpler than you thought of. I had to skip lunch to do and re-do it and it turns out the thing that I thought I understand is so freaking wrong it would have rendered my effort moot. It makes me want to smash something. Seriously. This is the only source of stress for me lately. Every time they think of this shit and the changes they want to do to "improve" inter-office relationships, it is just a big inconvenience to all of us. We signed up to teach not to track shit like this. Sure it's in our contract, and heck we are doing it, but could you at least explain it better? I don't care if you do it in broken barok English but don't  be ticked and confuse me even more than I already am. Damn, I had to count back so many times I thought I was going nuts and it turns out it's just the first day of the previous contract? You saw that I was counting back, couldn't she have explained it better to all of us and saved us the agony. The kimchi hit-list is really getting longer. It's moving people up my list faster than I can control. God help us all if I get telekenisis or something. It's bad enough that they are saying things in behalf of the shift and making us look like care bears to other people.

But this is work. This is not a playground. Maybe they should just stop all this fake hugging and let's just deal with things using caffeine. I don't need fake good deeds to be a good person and to be happy with what I do. As long as they don't make me do extra confusing tracking of stuff that they can do for themselves, I am good. As long as they pay me on time and not ask me to bend over to do my work, I am good. As long as they command my respect, then I am willing to give it to them. As long as they give me an HMO, which seems like an impossibility in this industry, then I would be freaking peachy.

As long as they don't try to make me pull what is up their sh**holes, then I am well and good in my tiny cubicle.


Update: It turns out I actually got it right the first time. Thank God. I was this close to stabbing myself with my fake syringe pen.

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  1. Frustration happens to the best and worst of us. Besides, we all get stressed at work every now and then too. I haven't been stressed at work in a long time now though but I have been stressed due to different reasons. Hang in there, Sam. Smile!


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