Friday, March 11, 2011

Pandabear Project : 21 of 100 Of Milestones and Monthsaries

I wanted to celebrate the 100th, 300th,1000th,3000th etc days instead of doing the whole monthsary thing. But since I planned to bring Pandabear to the Kabaret thing with Hot Mamah and Ysac, he reminded me that we actually officially went out on the 19th. It would be one month since on that Saturday. *facepalm* God, I am even worse than my exes who forgot my birthday. Yes, they thought it was on the 31st. Go figure why. Where was I, ohyeah, monthsaries.

I am not a big fan.


My bestfriend in highschool, let's call him BRUCE. He always prepared something romantic for his monthsary with his girl, let's call her The CRAZY BITCH, but she always ALWAYS found a way to make a fuss of everything and they always ALWAYS fought on that day and they are in a frenzy for a few days after that. Then they are okay again. For a while at least. I was a hopeless romantic then. I even asked a girl out so she would not like Bruce so that CB would not have to get all jealous because Bruce is actually attracting sane women. Well, that's a different story altogether. Just a head's up, Bruce is a girl. But I am not the lesbian in this story.

Another reason. Flowers.

I don't like being given flowers. They remind me of death and vagina offerings. Sorry but they do. So I pity Pandabear because although I want him to be able to experience all that can be experienced by a normal guy dating a girl, this is something that I would not appreciate all that much. I am sure female friends of mine who are reading this blog would think, "Where the hell does she get off banning flowers in her relationship?" But you said it, MY relationship. You can make your men buy you things that would wither but I prefer honesty,loyalty, and great memories over dead plants.
I have bought flowers for guys and gave them to their girls so many times when I was younger that it already made me hate flower-giving even more. Most often than not it was not a declaration of love that makes a man give his woman a bouquet of flowers. They are a peace-offerings most of the time. And the sad thing about it that women eat it up. Not the flowers, the indirect apology. I hate the fact that those guys got away with infidelity, a bad remark or a bad behavior just because over-priced flower sex parts.

Lastly, I need memories more than gifts.

I forget things easily but I make space for couple memories and firsts. I prefer to have some familiar feeling of being in a place or doing something with someone for the first time. I know that if I ever do that activity again, I would always remember that person. I don't need to have a special trip every time or a dinner to commemorate the day that I decided to officially date a person. I celebrate it everyday already so it seems redundant.

I think it's a little extravagant, that's all. It's a bit juvenile but since it's part of the whole experience I will allow it.

As much as it would hurt Pandabear for me to say it, it's something that high schoolers or college couples do because they know, in the back of their minds, that their relationship has an expiration date.

As much as he thinks that the 100 days is an expiration date, I prefer to call it a milestone. But since I am not having this relationship with my laptop, I need to remember to consider his own needs. He needs monthsaries because that is the way he loves. So we will do milestone days and monthsaries.

I guess the fact that we are watching a ballet performance on the first monthsary is a cool coincidence.

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