Friday, March 18, 2011

Pandabear Project 29 of 100 : Even When I am Disillusioned

I talked to Ico's dad yesterday. He's a self-proclaimed stage dad when it comes to Ne Sarang. I now know a little bit of the reason why my deary seems to have such a sheltered personality. And I have an inkling why he's clingy. His father said that Ico isn't street smart. There is a definite difference between him and the others that I have dated. But you know what, being street smart is something that we can learn together. And we have Google maps for getting around. But what you can't really learn or unlearn is being a cheater. It needs a constant awareness of your weakness and you need to be able to weight the temptations against your obligations well.

Some people never seem to learn that lesson. I am not judging I was weak once so well. It's just going backwards might not be a good idea.

But since I am a fan of "Do what makes you happy." then I support their happiness. I need to stop worrying about their lives and start putting mine back into shape. And by that I mean mah waistline. ^.^

There are a lot of things that could lead to misunderstandings and even the most reliable sources can give you the wrong information from time to time. Yesterday, Daddy Ico cleared up that he wasn't a fratman ever. Ne Sarang didn't seem to know that. It was unusual for me. I know a lot more than I care to know about my dad's boyhood days and his days in Mapua.

My dad talk to me when he's drunk or when he feels like sharing an anecdote about his days when he was still a student. I am extremely close to him and I still feel like a little girl when he's around. I am sure my sister loves that about my dad too. He's the spoiler, my mom is the disciplinarian.

I still haven't heard if Ne Sarang got the green light from this mom. I am worried because the tickets have already been booked. So if he can't come with me and since my roommate is swamped, I don't really have anyone else to bring.

His dad has my number and it almost feels like the time I was close to JL's mom. I just hope that things work out this time so I don't have to break up with another parent. But since Ne Sarang me more than anyone, I don't think he can be led astray by anyone. Also a big plus on his part compared to the rest. ^.^ Even my officemates says he's overly attentive. ^.^

Remember the time when you hoped that you would have someone in your life who would look at the disheveled you and still think you are the bomb? You don't feel your gut tightening or your heart skipping a beat but this warm spreading feeling of comfort?

You haven't?

I finally have.

It's awesome.


  1. It seems to me that you've truly found someone loyal to you. That's nice to hear. Well, break-ups aren't all bad. Some break-ups don't require you to throw away your friendship with your ex or their parents but yeah, it can be a bit awkward after quite some time. Anyhoo, I wish my dad was a spoiler too. Perhaps he was when I was young but things have changed ever since I grew up. My dad is definitely a disciplinarian. My mom on the other hand isn't a spoiler. She's more of a tolerator (if that's even a word, LMAO!) so she gives me unconditional love and understanding. Nonetheless, despite the beef that I have with them and vice versa, I still love them very much and I know they love me too. Another awesome update on your life. It's like I still get to go to Megamall with you everyday before going home. I'm still updated with your daily stories. Haha! Keep it up, Sam!

  2. To kittypaws: (LOL cute name) Told you blogging rocks. I try to do this so that I don't forget them either. And since I am not near my friends now since they are super busy at work and are in other countries. I can just link stories so I don't have to retype everything. Sometimes kasi some stories leave you when time passes. And you know me naman. *teehee* I am and always will be the "No space for new messages" girl that I was.

    I also made some nice friends online because of blogging. ^.^ I need to read yours too but I don't have a lot of time. I barely read my bf's blog. I don't check his grammar but it fits since he can get things out as well. I tell him to blog in Taglish para it's easier to express his ideas. ^.~

  3. Thanks for liking my name. Halatang halata mahilig ako sa pusa. :) As for blogging, you are right. It does rock and now, I am addicted. Sometimes I just can't stop posting. Pano naman kasi ideas keep on coming to my head and my fingers cooperate with my head well which is why I end up with so many things to write. Hindi naman malabong hindi ako mahook dito kasi nung kabataan ko eh sobrang hahaba ng mga nakasulat sa diaries ko. Haha! Looking back, I think blogging is way better kasi tama it's a way for other people to get to know more of you lalo na ung mga malalayo sayo or hindi pa nakakakilala sayo. I don't think my hubby is ever gonna go for blogging though. Buti ung BF mo has a blog. Siguro more likely magkaron si hubby ng deviantart account but blogspot, no way! Looking forward to you reading my entries, BTW and yes, I want to respond to your comments too.

  4. grabe I have one review, 4 loveydovey blogs and a rantblog that are pending. I have no time for them. leche. I am being trained for OPIc so I don't have a lot of time for blogging. Nakakaloka grabe. I might start forgetting the details of what happened and then where would I be. Lumilipas din ang feeling so hindi na sha rant blog. T_T, Anyway, I will find a way.


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