Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unbearable Pain

I would have never imagined that happening to me. I would never allow this to happen to me. I would never let anyone let me miss my own kid's college graduation. This is something that is unbearable.

I would miss work on that day.

I blame those idiotic school administrators. I want to kick the idiot who changed that date. They ruined her buzz. We spent so much time looking for what she would wear on that day. And that bloody idiot caused this.

It's not the people who didn't say yes to her changing the date of her leave or her that is to blame. It's that fracking idiot who changed the schedule after so many other parents have probably had to file a leave on the first schedule.

That moron should be hung on the next PTA. Or on the freaking school flagpole. Idiot. Urgh.

I hope he or she bites her tongue every time a student tells their parent that the schedule has been moved. I am sure that would cause sufficient blood loss to cause death.

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