Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IDGAF about her - T.O.P.

I don't really care about her. I know that all I need to do is edit BBBS. I will finish it as soon as I can. I just can't find the time between resting, working (I am getting more training for a new book), and my pandabear.

If she wants to claim anything then she can come at me with her best shot. But for the sake of her health and for her own mental state, I want you ladies to just let her be.

Remember that if you argue with a fool, it makes you a bigger fool. She can blast us in her facebook, she can block us from her life but if she does anything to malign the people that I care for, the writing group that I NOSEBLED FOR, then she has another thing coming.

Stop the smear campaign it makes you look like MEAN GIRLS and she would play the goddamn underdog card. So shut it and let the others judge her for who she is.

If she is willing to show us the real her, accept it. But don't be gullible. Don't ask why a person is still friends with that person, I have crazy idiotic and insane friends too. So I know how hard it is to let go of someone who does more harm to herself than to others. Some people are saints like that. I am not asking you to shut up about it but I want you to stop bothering about attentionwhores and focus on your stories.

I might not be as active as I want to be. (TOP and FATE is not accessible where I am right now)But that doesn't mean I don't think, breathe and hope that TOP will be better than before. I'll find a way to be active again. But as for now, let her be.

Don't be snide, arrogant and mean. Let her be who she is. If she chooses to show you another mask, then it's her own undoing.

She can choke on her lies for all I care.

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