Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pandabear Project : 13 of 100 The Samantha in Me

My friends and I are huge fans of the show. I have even tagged myself between Miranda and Samantha. I used the latter as my teacher name when I was a budding online English teacher. I was her for the most part, personality-wise. I was afraid of growing old, the truth, love and commitment. But when Samantha fell in love it was always DESPITE OF HERSELF. And now I have gone and done it. I have my own Jared. No, my pandabear is far from this guy.

Though I wouldn't complain if he was. But he's younger than me and seems malleable when it comes to potential and relationship.

My friends and I have always talked about men like they fit in the Mr. Big category or the Aiden category. The Mr. Big one of course is the against all odds and despite all rationale is the one we pursue, pine over and some, end up with. But the Aiden ones are the nice guys who come in our lives when we need to be put together then we break their hearts or we find that we can't love them or commit to them the way that they want us to.

I have my Mr. Big. But the only difference is that he ticks me off. Just when I have found an Aiden, or my Steve, whichever one applies, he comes out of the wood work and tries to unnerve me.


I found someone who is not grating on my nerves, whose personality is fitting my pattern in men but not in the red of the extreme scale. I found a normal version of all the extreme guys I loved. I am not about to break his heart just because you are getting moppy over the knowledge that for once, someone is making me happy without to lie to me.

Sorry, Mr. Big. Sometimes, the Carrie walks away with the Aiden.

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