Monday, March 7, 2011

Pandabear 15,16,17 of 100 Raincheck,Fringe dreams and Bi exes

I hate the fact that I don't have a living room and that it was raining a lot last Saturday. We didn't get to go jogging. But quality time is time spent well. I need to remember not to make him watch boring movies. His attention tends to wander to other "activities". Thank god boys are not allowed in our rooms.


You know that you are a Fringe addict if you are dreaming in that format. God, I miss Pacey.


Is astonishes me how bitchy and pathetic some of his exes are. There is that girl who thinks she is the center of the issue between him and his friends. And now this. It's probably my fault because I added her. I wanted to see...he was saying I remind him of her sometimes. So I was curious.

Anyway, he's mine now. So hands off. Don't dare bash on my man if you don't want to make my list. Because God help you if I get my hands on their hair. ^.^

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