Friday, March 11, 2011

To The Max Yo!

I have stage fright. Unusual, right? I don't really like to sing, dance or perform in front of an audience. You don't believe me do you? It was even worse when I was younger.

The last time I performed a song on stage was Parent's night in high school and my friends from SBC remember how bad that was for me and for another friend of mine.

So fast forward to yesterday.

I had to rap.

Yes, you read it right. RAP. I was ala-T.O.P. when I did our cheer for our team. Note, this is for a scrabble tournament. Catch, I didn't memorize the order of the names that I was supposed to rap about so we made like three bad takes before we got it done the fourth time. And it was only because I moved the idiot board closer to me so I could see it. I was smart enough to write the names on my left arm but I was so nervous I couldn't see it.

But the point here is we survived it. Well, I had fun after that. I felt really unburdened. I was actually able to go to work without worrying about messing things up. We still have the scrabble game later (probably after the shift but where we would have it, only God knows ) I have deduced that I won't be a lot of help since I actually suck at this game. I practiced using a simulation game in my laptop, but the biggest score I got was for the word JOINTS and it was on a double word score thing.

So I hope that my teammates are better at it than I am. The mighty sistahs won yesterday. Whoever wins this time would go against them. As much as I like the other people in that team, we hope to win against TL Chona's team so we can continue to play. But then again, they have some really nerdy people too so that might be a problem. Nerdy people who probably played this game during their childhood.

Whatever happens, I know we would do our best. As long as it's fun I wouldn't mind the ending. Like they say, you can't win them all but I say to that, we can have fun whether or not you plan to win.

I really like one thing about this whole March Team event, regardless of what happens later, we were able to pull back the people we were missing and to mesh well with the new people that have in our team. I am sure that I made some new and good friends in our team, and even if there are some people who can't fanthom it, we actually get along and support each other as much as we can.

I still have Officemates from Hell candidates but they are not part of my team. For most maybe we are the team to beat or the team who they have to sush. But whatever works for us doesn't necessarily work for other teams. We know for a fact that we would argue, discuss and laugh at things we do in our stay here in Spicus. But that just makes it more fun. Some people point out that we argue too much but despite being the noisiest group, we also know how to listen to each other (we have to raise our voice above the noise though so that makes it less organized) but we know our voice is heard in the end. We vote on things, we don't swallow just about anything given to us, official or otherwise. We know that it's important to work together. I can see my competitive streak in most of the members of the group so I enjoy being with them. But we are also able to accept that not everyone in the team is perfect. That we have use the talents that we have to make something work. We call each other names (well, the TL calls people names) but it's an endearment and not an insult. The ability to have fun and work at the same time is hard to achieve for a group with this many alpha personalities. But somehow, we have the most hilarious of times making the best of what we are given.

If you can't penetrate the wall that surrounds us so you can see for yourself what it is that makes us the way we are, you should just shut up and stop killing our buzz.

Note to self: Ask trainer for a copy of the video and pictures for the cheer.

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