Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tell it to the Marines

I heard from a student that Hyun Bin enlisted yesterday. I googled it as fast as I could and saw the pictures of my latest oppa teary-eyed with a military haircut. Whenever I see soldier I remember the guys from my short time in ROTC UPLB. I remember how some of them became professional soldiers. Some of the became part of the Army, Marines and the Air Force. I have always had a thing for men in uniform so I know that Hyun Bin becoming a Marine would just increase his "market value" when he gets back.

Article about it here 

I was about to mention a common Korean man's dilemma when he leaves for the army, that his girl would not be there when he comes back. I was wondering about his girlfriend but it turns out they haven't been together since January. Kuddos to their PR peeps since they handled this very well. 

Still they do look good together.

Still. It's *tee-hee* worthy that he is single when he comes back. *echoes* Free for all!~

Article about that here

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