Friday, March 4, 2011

Pandabear Project : 14 of 100 Ordinary Days

I never went grocery shopping with a boyfriend. The closest was going to 7-11 or something. The thing about me is that even before they made it popular in tagalog pocketbooks and movies that you shouldn't take a girl to the supermarket to shop for ordinary things became a mantra, I already knew that it was a no-no.

So yesterday was my first time to go grocery shopping with a boyfriend.

I know that it's not a highlight for most relationships. But you have to remember that you are normal, I am not. I don't do ordinary things with people I have no plans to keep around. Yes, I am sorry but I don't think I ever planned to keep those who came before this one. I was always afraid to commit that I didn't want to send any signals that I would ever settle down and be a keeper. Although my nature is exactly that.

I bought toiletries, kikay stuff that I never bothered with and in case the rain comes in and I don't have any cash on me food. I also bought Almond Crush Pocky. ^.^ It's now just a box of what used to be sticks of nomnomnom-worthy Japanese ingenuity.

What ticked me off this morning is that the last bitch you broke my Pandabear's ego is tripping on him still. She might be physically prettier than me but despite what she finished and her pouting lips, I would make sure that I can slap her with my UPLB Diploma and the fact that I am actually using what I studied. I swear to God, women who think they are the centre of the universe of people who don't really care about her are the most pathetic of all creatures. I have half a mind to kick that bitch in the face with my new shoes. They are cheap and fake so they go together.

Dada adviced Pandabear to let her be. That is one way to deal with idiots like this. The other way is to scare them to oblivion. I am the student if not a counselor in the second method. I really want to grab her hair right now and rip it from the roots. But since my Pandabear said to just let her go, I will try my best not to murder her in my head. He told me that she was smaller than me so I should not squish her like a bug.

So to bitch who feels like she is the center of the universe, or an issue that doesn't exist, try to avoid shadows from now on. Nyanya takes care of her own after all.

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