Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lesson learned the hungry way

I am dirt poor these days. I think I should have saved more Elamp days money but I was stupid back then. I didn't think that the cow wouldn't leave. But it did and the milk ran out fast.

Now I have no milk and well, you know the metaphor for that already. Split milk and all.

I really really really want to pay off my debt to my mom. I didn't want to have a boyfriend this year because I knew that load costs money, dates cost money and love can't feed me. ^.^ But since there was significant cut on my payslip since I moved and I have someone new in my life, I just need to tighten my belt or curb my urges more.

In short, I need to be an adult about this. God, don't you just hate that.

But I can do this. I would pay off my debts. Do my best not to make anymore. Combine my diet to my being thrifty. Aja.

And God bless my monito for giving me food all the time. Yey!~


  1. We all have hardships in life, Sam. Consider this as a challenge. You are a tough girl and I know that you can endure the things that you are going through right now. Don't worry; I am sure everything will be over soon. Just do what you have to do and stay positive. Aja!

  2. This is definitely lesson learned. I think I would take these lessons for the rest of my days. I think my mom learned this when she was younger. She sheltered us against it so we never really learned how to feel this way, like helpless and kinda hungry. So now I know. I will make sure that I never splurge and I will live within my means. But that doesn't mean I won't have any fun. ^.^

  3. Right! I totally understand the way you feel. I sort of felt like that during my first months of being married. As you know when I still had a regular job and a part time job, I had lots of time for myself and everything that I wanted to do. I also had the means for most of the time, I have money that I can splurge for myself but times have changed. I am now a married woman and I don't have a part time job. I only have one regular job and it doesn't pay me much. I have to learn how to budget my time and my money in order to make things work. It was brutal for me during my first months. Not to mention the fact that my ordeal with my parents was still fresh to me. I am still adjusting now and like you, I am still hungry and helpless but I'm thinking positive. Acceptance is another key to your contentment and happiness. I hope you'll learn to cope somehow.


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