Sunday, September 26, 2010

Appalled Daddy's Girl

Appalled Daddy's Girl

There are not enough words that can explain just how unbelievably angry I was after I read this article. I can't believe any father would do this to their daughter. The most awful thing was that the mom left to work for HK to help the family.
Only an insane person would molest his daughter everyday, forcing her to do unthinkable things to him even when she had her period.
14,400 years is not enough for this man. It's just not enough. There is no justification, no kind of mental disease that can cover up for a rapist who does this to his own kid. I mean, seriously, how fucked up can you be to do something like this? How freaking much?

This is the kind of father that I fear to meet, a man who appears to love me but would lay siege on what I hold so dear. And if I had a daughter, I would, like this girl's mom, come home as soon as I learn about it and make sure justice is served. Not all mothers would do this for the shame that it would bring to one's family. Believe me I have heard of stories of mothers who didn't even bat an eyelash when this happened to their kid.

And this isn't just a telenovela as that anyone might think it is.

This actually happened. To a real person. To a real woman.
Tears won't even begin to fall for something like this. Tears won't be enough. Prayers are something we can offer for her family but we can also offer vigilance. We can make sure we keep an eye on all the daughters of the land, all over the world.

Someone once said that if you are getting raped in the city, you scream fire because no one is going to come and save you if you screamed RAPE. That shouldn't be the case here. Women everywhere should not be afraid, most especially not when they are at home with their fathers.

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