Monday, September 27, 2010

Pink for BAD LUCK

Guess what color panties I am wearing.
No, I am not seducing you. It's just every time I wear pink undies, bad voodoo comes a-knocking.
The bus I rode had only one other passenger so from Aegis to Ortigas it kept slowing down at bus stops. T_T And if that wasn't enough, the stupid driver apparently over took another bus (and loudly said he didn't notice it) that caused the other dumb ass driver to get cramped into the side of the overpass (a bit) enough to damage his bus' side mirror. I was jolted awake when that bus stopped us. I really thought there was an actual collision. The ticket guy from the other bus was demanding money and an apology ( I think ).  I guess it was the jolting awake part that made me mumble that they should just exchange numbers and let the owners fix it.
We all knew that it would get fixed, them haggling over how much it would cost made me want to throw things at them. T_T I was like this is my  head, "Shut up and just drive through that damn bus!" But of course this as not a Harry Potter movie and my bus is in the same plane as the other bus. T_T

Luckily, they agreed on 150 from the original 100 that was offered. (facepalm) All that for 50 pesos?

My cloud hit a cashier at Jolibee. I had asked to get the Ateneo tumbler thinking the burger meal that came with it required no waiting time. But it turns out that the stupid fries were still unavailable. I said "Just give me what is available, I am not eating it anyway." True enough, those fries now lay inside the green trash bin near our pantry.

I am waiting for the third boo-boo of the day. After all, they always come in threes, right?


I am reading something right now, as per the recommendation of a couple of TOPpers.

It's Love Monster. 

I want to find the manga version of the live action that I am watching nowadays (and downloading) Samurai High School.

I was so into it that I actually made a simple kimono of the new doll I bought for one of my nieces.

Which reminds me, I need to recreate THREADS AND GLITTERS...hmm. Maybe tomorrow. (I did it today, presenting Threads, Glitters and Glue )

As for today, I finished putting entrecards, blog listings and banners on this blog and with my new money-making for charity blog, WILL WRITE FOR GILS.
I had to make some hasty blog entries there since it's necessary for the approval for entrecard.

I sucessfully downloaded the e-book that  I bought from T.O.P. and I will be posting my review of that as soon as I am done.
But with 24 students, a very cluttered room, comic pages and posters to make and clothes to wash, I don't know how I would ever find the time to do it.


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