Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Bitter medicine

(picture from TNL site)

Somehow I feel I am cured. But you know the feeling that you are still tired since you just recovered from something that felt like it could've killed you.

That is how I feel now.

But like Polgara always said, if they made the medicine taste good people would forever want to stay sick in bed.

I am getting up. Sorry Mark but this might just be it for my Mark fever. ^_^

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    Just when you thought your heart could not get break into even smaller pieces. It shatters all on it's own. There was no hyperventilation. There were no winded tears. Just a break, a crack that only you could hear.

    I got so many answers since that day that I saw his account. And just when I thought I had the answers to all the questions. Then there is this. It answers the random pouring of tears. It only happens when the person I love is cheating on me. Well technically, when they are doing something that breaks my heart. I guess I can be friends with this guy after all.

    And yes, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. JUST FRIENDS.
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      Quotable Quotes For the Day

      The hardest thing to do is to wait for something that you are sure would not be a part of your life.

      The easiest thing is to consider a compromise. But following through with it is a hell of a lot harder than we can ever anticipate.

      He is nice to you when he wants something from you. He is apologetic when he can't do much to make you happy. But why do we stay, ladies, this I ask you? Love is not enough. Companionship is not enough. Words are not enough. Presents are not enough.

      Presence is necessary. Respect is optimal. Appreciation counts. In the end what we think we need and want aren't the things that matter.
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        Where can I buy self-control?

        Did someone order an emotional klutz and pushover? Please sign here. +_+;
        I am chatting with him. Apparently he is online because his brods are celebrating their anniv at his place. And of course, it's his birthday. +_+; So I got to talk to him a wee bit. There are more copies and screen shots but I am too shy to put them here. (Shy daw o, yuck!)

        I am trying to gauge what it would be like to talk to him this way. I am a little happy to announce that although I am having a melason moment right now and calling him ne sarang rather than Mahal although they equate to the same thing, I am not over the moon happy. I am just plain old happy. I am happy that I can chat with Louie on FB and I can Ym with Mark. That is it. That shouldn't be too much of an issue right?

        We are all supposed to find some kind of middle ground when it comes to people who were once special to us that we wanted to move mountains for them, right? It doesn't have to be a clean break. UNLESS they gave you an std, broke your heart over some lesbian, broke up with you because they had no conviction ( I think he could qualify for this but we will see) and if they married someone after compromising your heart so much so that you are ruined for all men. +_+;

        I am afraid that if he stumbles on this blog he would read it and misunderstand the past entries. +_+;

        He said he can't open his bloody FS and that it might be possible that he has two FS. And he can't access either one of them +_+; What a douche...he said he is too lazy to try to make a non-hackable one. +_+; The hell. If I was right next to him I would pinch him on the groin. +_+; Lazy ass douche. +_+;

        Anyway. I am not hyperventilating. That is a good sign. ^^ Right?!?
        Hay lord.

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