Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : My Seagate Expansion Portable Drive SINGKO

My Seagate Expansion Portable Drive SINGKO

Meet the new addition to my harem. I had thought of buying a cheaper one but I didn't trust that it would last that long. I saw the same thing in a different shop but it was 6,400. I got this one for 5,000. When I had it checked it said that 465 GB was the space. But when I checked the properties, they showed me that it's real capacity is 500 GB. I believed them. I am not going to say where I got it exactly but it's in the Cyberzone area.

I need the back-up space and I was twenty minutes shy of being late for work. I didn't really shop wisely. But the line at CD-R king would take forever. I didn't want to loose my incentive bonus over five hundred worth of saving. At least the 2-year warranty is better than the one that they can offer with the cheaper one.

So meet my dear Singko.

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