Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : Grammar teacher FAIL

Grammar teacher FAIL


This is no way pokes fun of people or any company but really can't just keep this to myself. It's just so freaky.

I am sorry but this is just not acceptable.

Student's Name: Gossip Girl

Listening Comprehesion Comments:
You possess a great listening skills Gossip Girl . You can easily follow most of my instructions correctly, thus, resulted to a smooth and stimulating daily classes. Your ability in having good listening comprehension allowed you in replying my questions in a fast manner. Impressive!:)

Speaking & Vocabulary Comments:
Your ability in speaking the words clearly and correctly is satisfactory with few minor lapses in subject-verb agreement. On the other hand, I noticed that you have learned new set of words since we started and you somehow managed to use those words in a sentence. Excellent job Gossip Girl!:)

Pronunciation Comments:
You have a very good pronunciation and intonation Gossip Girl. Albeit, your native accent is evident sometimes, with constant practice, you managed to correct yourself. Try to listen to any wed-dictionary so you will improve further.

Teacher's Observation:
Hi there Gossip Girl! You have a lot of potential in speaking the english language fluently. I believe that with constant practice coupled with determination will really help in becoming an expert in speaking the language. You ability in constructing not only simple sentences but in a complex manner will work wonders for you! Keep the faith Gossip Girl!^_^

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