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The Rendezvous To Watch For

Rendezvous is a word that represents new horizons. It represents a meeting, a pre-destined get-together. It also happens to be the name of a band by Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, two musicians who decided to name themselves so after their own fateful encounter.

After meeting for the first time in the music school Izenberg and Simon both went to, they explored the possibility of forming a music crew together. Armed only with their passion for music and their own experiences playing the instruments they love, Simon and Izenberg made music together and later recorded an EP for fun. Good thing they thought the EP was “decent enough” to upload to the net.

Their three tracks, No Man’s Land, Incognito, and So What, were welcomed by jazz and electropop with such warmth. Rendezvous realized they hit jackpot by honing their ability to merge jazz with electronica, a rather challenging feat to accomplish, more so achieve with much aplomb.

Rendezvous’ songs received thousands of downloads over the years. As their songs continued to impress music addicts, Simon and Izenberg went to work on a few more tracks which they soon compiled to become their very first album.
Fans are asking for more, which is why they are now set to release their debut album. The well-known sound mixer and producer David Bascombe who also worked with Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and The Verve is now putting the finishing touches to the album. Israeli filmmaker Uzi Adam’s creative abstract footage is also part of the treat Rendezvous is giving their listeners as part of their first album launch.

To listen to and download Rendezvous music tracks online, go to the band’sofficial site. To take a peek at the work in their debut album, watch their studio sessions here at Rendezvous’ official YouTube channel is the place to be.
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