Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive : E- learning Distractions 101 - Family Members

E- learning Distractions 101 - Family Members

In a screen class, there are all sorts of things that the webcam can reveal about your student's family. You have to be careful not to get distracted by the funny, uncanny and the rare weird thing that you see on your student's video feed.

I have tons of experiences of people waving, peering and even fighting with my student or other people while we are having class.

But I prefer the funny ones here. The kind you would find hilarious too.

Take this little brother for one, he's practicing to be either a samurai or a Jedi knight. You be the judge.

There is the occasional big sister who likes to pry or bug your student. So try to be patient when you student is distracted. It's not entirely his fault.

What I don't mind are those really cute oppa (big brothers) of really cute students.

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    Show and Tell - Teaching Tool

    It's easier to relate to a student who is able to show off things that are theirs. This is almost like audience participation. When in class, it's best to have things close at hand so that you can show it to them rather than have to google for a picture or draw it yourself.

    This is one of my student showing me her wallet. ^^
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      Infamous Student - G

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        Student M - Teaching using Drawings

        Sometimes it's hard to teach without visuals. It is even worse if you are not very good at drawing to begin with. But I make do. If the student can't describe what they are thinking, this tool is very useful. It works almost like a simple photoshop and a paint program.

        Sometimes, especially with children, a visual stimuli is necessary for them to pay attention.
        In this example, she was trying to answer the question, DESCRIBE HOW TO MAKE YOUR FAVORITE SNACK. Initially, she didn't have an answer to the question, DO YOU KNOW ANY SNACKS. She later realized that instant noodles or ramien/ ramen is a snack that she knows how to prepare. Since she was not prepared to answer the follow up question, we had to resort to visual clues.

        She was able to get her message across. I didn't have to suffer through gestures that would be limited given the size of our webcam displays.
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