Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : You can't buy love but you can RENT it

You can't buy love but you can RENT it

Ysac, Hot Mamah and La Diva

Simone, Hot Mamah and La Diva

Buti pa sha me ganoyn, ako I forgot to buy an effin playbill

Micael with Simone - in behalf of my friends we would like to thank him for getting us awesome RENT tickets.

That may be true but the 1,700 I dished out for RENT was worth every single centavo.
Not only was I able to see it with my friends, whom I had been too busy to visit, but I was also able to check off an item in my crazy list that I never thought I would be able to do. I checked out three things actually, watch RENT, get my picture taken with Mark - the guy who plays Mark in Rent, and get my picture taken with Angel - the guy who plays Angel. It would have been cooler if I was able to get a picture with the entire cast. But getting to shake their hands was already too much to handle.

fans with Angel
fans with Mark

The damper to the affair is the fact that I have very bad eyesight. So I really couldn't see their faces that well. But great eyesight or not, their voices rang true straight to my heart.

As a person who has seen the backstage and how performers ought to be onstage, I had more of an idea how some of the performers should have been. Although we didn't stand to clap there was still more goosebumps worthy moments than there were things to critique.

February definitely is a month of love. I didn't feel an ounce of bitterness along with the sweet moments I had this month. Sure I am single. Sure, I was in a play about love. But I was also watching a play about friendships. And that kind of love endures, regardless of what couples might make us believe.

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