Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : I survived, I'm so tired

I survived, I'm so tired

That is that collective groan of everyone in the office right now.
And the lack of metrics here is not helping either.
Because of the policies that are being resurected
The daunting number of students that was otherwise said
To deminish now that we had a different branch
In a poshier, wider and greener part of islands
One reasonable complain from someone who knows
That talking to nine students in a row would just kill
The quality took this company to the top of the hill
Is shrugged off as his fault, our fault
For raising a brow a bit too late
If they in fact just figured
That we are humans and not machines
Then perhaps they would realize that smiling is not
All that we do, we speak and correct and type and grit
To bear the attitude of those kimchi spawns of the devil
So Kimchi Kikay listen and circle
Which one is the correct word for your lack of principle?
Incompetence or favoritism, choose well and be true
Because you only let policy apply to people who don't like you
So Counterstricking Captian, head my call
Oh, you can't, can't you because you have fire in the hole.
It's funny how the monkey keeps hanging in a tree
When he should be doing something that is work what they're paying thee
On the chapped lips escape hoarse voices the names
Of those who left because you have pushed them
Hoping they are in a better place than this.
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    I am trying out the google toolbar. ^^ I hope this doesn't get blocked in the future. I would have a bitch fit. +_+;

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