Sunday, September 26, 2010

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I have a new crush

Actually I am beginning to think that I have a thing for male earrings.
Anyway, I am just happy that I am still capable of having crushes.

Ok, correction, I am VERY happy that I have a crush who is neither a korean idol nor a man who is legally not available for anyone to have a crush on. There, I said it.

So what if like Geb he seemed like a mini-Jay?
So what if he seems like a mini-Mark?

That just means I have someone new to mentor.

That must be it, my dear anak is graduating. So I need some new pet.

Funny how he looks kinda like Jules, P-chan's new pet. Hmmm.

Oh well.


I have a new crush and the tingles are a welcome reality.
Another woman's trash is my new crush. Oh...rhymes.
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    Student : Siegfried

    He thought that I was an American. It's not like there is any chance for him to me to mistake me for an American because I am clearly Asian. He actually had his mouth opened when I told me

    Must be the neutral accent.

    But I was flattered. *blushing*
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      Tony Stark : I want one

      I am definitely watching this when it comes out.

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        50% off on Comics at Comic Odyssey!

        I wish I had money right now.

        I would be dubbed the coolest aunt ever come Christmas. Shesssh.

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