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ARCHIVE : Febfair 2010 - Old Friend Good Time

Febfair 2010 - Old Friend Good Times

at Mio's

P-chan and I have a tradition of drinking together whenever Febfair. We used to do it with Jasper and Dada. But this year, Per was in Manila trying to hide from the effects of being in a fraternity and being stupid, and Dada and P-chan are not in good terms because the former is a passive person and the latter is a south bitch dieter. Ehehe. Love you, P-chan. P-chan introduced me to Per and Dada's friend Jules. He seems to be somewhere between Per and Dada. I think this would work out fine. And this time, we are not going to drag him into going to UPLB from LSPU. He needs to stay where he is. It would be more trouble if he gets into the system and ends up like the other two.

at Jules' place

We drank and hang out with Jules from Hopscotch to his place. It was a quaint place. I felt like I was back in the bukid areas in Batangas. His family was very hospitable. The dogs stayed inside the house so I went home with some tick bites but it was fun. P-chan is a bit sensitive about some things like water so we ended up going to Vlounge for an "awakening dream". Yes, my dear exes, you would have to suffer through that shit when you are with me now that I have found out how awesome it is.

Of course, we ate siomai before Hot Mamah and Helene went back to Biñan and Q.C. respectively. It was probably the only tradition that I didn't break this year. I don't care if people felt like I was clining to the past and the people who I ate with while I was there. (Mark had a queasy stomach and I always force-fed him their siomai. Some other escapades where brought for a morning meal. I don't do walk of shames. I do siomai breaks instead. )

Siomai Foodhaus LB junction

There are people that I must see when I go there. I know that it would be their last months as students and it would take us a while before we can hang out. I am usually content with hugging them since most of the time I was broke. But this year I wasn't. It was too bad they weren't around when I was spending my February pay.

ang wafu kong anak, namamayat kaka-thesis.

walking along GROVE

Walking is the main means of transportation of Elbizens and UPians. So it isn't surprising that we end up with big calves when we graduate. It is said that if you whine when you walk long distances that means you have outgrown your ELBI self.

ayoko na me dadaan nang sasakyan!

Of course we weren't drunk when we did this. But it was definitely reminiscent of the times Reina did the space monkey on this street. (which I forgot to do and ask H to take a picture off. snap. Maybe next year.) But I made sure that I was wearing the dress Reina gave to me. (shit I just remember I still have Mae's hoodie.) I wore the pants when we watched RENT the next day. I wanted her to be there. And by wearing something she gave too me, I know she is there in...well...spirit.

ang mga dyosa sa dilim
Lakad lakad lakad

sorry will never drink their coffee
4 up alums and an LSPU student

hindi namin kasama ung naka-shorts
It's sad because this is the last year that Kuya Bong and Herb are going to own the bar, Hopscotch. They are selling it to a friend of theirs. I think the double life is getting to Kuya Bong (the manliner-like look was shocking). He said that we would always have a discount when we go there. Even the cashier lady that we like is leaving. So I guess this is a year of endings. At least we were there together one last time. Maybe by the time Reina lands her feet in Hopscotch, it would be someone else's. Oh well. It was great while it lasted.
Now I really need to lose weight. We need to make the new owner likee us. ^^
pchan and hot mamah @hopscotch

jules (new pet) and pchan (old pet)

Hot Mamah, Jules, H, and Pchan

Bong, H, HM, pchan, simone, jules

last few pics na kina bong pa ang hopscotch

let's drink to that!

three boys and two girls ^^
Hopscotch / Luvshak Goddesses

New friend : Jules
Old friends

nagpapacute ba ako o natatae?

Hopscotch Hotties aka tambays
Hay naku South Bitch diet mode ang muscles

San ba ako nakatingin? Stressful!

Sila na ang naghintay sa akin...
Coincidences are not rare in Elbi. And the fun thing is that whenever I am in Elbi, I often bump into Jeroy. Kulang ang bisita ko if hindi ko sha nalilibre ng fudang kahit donut lang. Ahahah. Dati ung donut sa Vega. Ngayon naman Krispy Kreme na. Kumi-krispy Kreme. The fact na thinner than me is daunting. More motivation more fun.

Jeroy, kung anong ipinayat nya ay shang itinaba ko.

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