Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive Unwinding with the Bosses - Antipolo

Unwinding with the Bosses - Antipolo

I am waiting for two o'clock...I am at Megamall with all the disposable food ware that we would need for our trip. It's fun when you are the only one who has no talent or inclination to cook. Oh, and my stomach is not so nice.

I bought shorts instead of a cute green boxers that I saw. It had a hole in front. I wondered why it had that and I had to physically hit my forehead. Then I mentally laughed my heart out. I apologize to all since I am a firm BRIEFS only woman. I don't like to date men who wear boxers. I am even more attracted to men who wear white brief and can keep them clean. ^^ That's hard...believe me. With me around, it would be.

Moving on. Time moves so slowly when you are excited for something but once the actual thing starts, there isn't enough time to enjoy and do all the things that you set out to do.
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