Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : Elvis* is in the building

Elvis* is in the building

The funny thing about these people is that they only try to do their job when the big boss is around. This of course is a lot less often than most companies since our super saiyan boss is in Korea for most of the year. He often sends his regards and visits the office when he is in the Philippines. The odd thing is that whenever there is news that he is visiting, the system goes from bad to worse in a wink. Seriously, servers crash and God knows what else happens. I think the guy has some kind of jinx in his person. He is nice enough but since we don't see him or he is not here all the time, people, and when I say people I means the "undesirables" and "untouchables" in our company tries to put the branches' best foot forward. It would be better if that was what they did the whole time, not only when the super saiyan boss is coming to the country. It's not our fault they bum around when the SS boss ain't around. They come up with ways to explain and distract the main office as to why there are high attrition and late classes.

Is it really our job to explain why the system would fuck up just when we need it not to? Really, is it?

Apparently, it is.

And so what if, in the country where they come from having a personality and putting that in their stations is an evil crime? We are Filipinos, we work amidst the clutter. That is part of our charm. It is a Pinoy thing to not like empty space. We are not spartan by nature. We like to put colorful, joyful and fun things around us. We feed off those things to make us the preppy, jolly workers that you hired us to be.

Restrictions are not really our thing. And would it hurt to get a vaccuum to clean up the damn walls of these cubicles instead of asking us to do the cleaning. No wonder no one with asthma can work in this place. They would no sooner die.

IF the super saiyan boss comes back with news that we would have a morning shift again, then I would welcome him with open arms.

Otherwise, meh.

* We nicknamed the boss as Elvis coza his hair before. It stuck. The nick, not the hair.

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