Sunday, September 26, 2010

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    Simone Simon : Your Story Haven Author

    Waves of Regret 
    I don't care if I seem to be a bit of a writing community junkie. ^^ But I guess I like the fact that I got published online somewhere other than my own blogs. Super thanks Your Story Haven. 

    I was wondering if the writers got paid when people download the E-book of their story? Hmmm...
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      Obamas' Speech on International Women's Day

      I absolutely loved the speeches. ^^
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        Try to Finish a novel, have to read one

        I have to read Little Prince be tomorrow. This is going to be very painful for me...I don't think I would like that book at all. But who knows? I am supposed to be a bookworm. I just have to think it's a freaking required reading.

        I am starting on the last two chapters of Natasha Chronicles. It's about time that I put that story to bed. I am going to submit it to it to T.O.P. as soon as it's finished. So far I have 19, 200 words more or less. I need more or less 4900 or 4800 words to put my story to rest.

        I know that I lost a bit of my Chapter eight and Chapter nine as I have tried to write some other time. I even forgot how I wanted the story to end. But on my way to work today I thought of a last scenario.

        Since Lucky is on his way to board his cruise ship in America, I was thinking of trying to put a terrorist attack on the cruise that would make people think that Lucky was among the people in the ship. I might consider that and that could make the whole story more dramatic. He could try to call Natasha before he comes out of his hiding place to overpower the guys who were guarding the communications room so he could send a mayday call. Hmm...why not. That's a good idea.

        Then the ending would be that the family would be reunited and Lucky would definitely be a true hero in Natasha's eyes. ^^

        I might try to put the whole story here so that I would have an archive. But I am placing it on my temporary archive site Pinaywriter Unpublished so that I can re-read and not get distracted by the other things that I have on this site. Primarily because the TOP site is a wordpress domain site.

        Wish me luck. I hope I finish it soon. I will link it here when it's done. ^^



        I woke up earlier to read the Little Prince. I had it in a pdf file and I really needed to read it since my student 's Day 1 was going to be today. I managed to read it in less than an hour. I guess if I wasn't so goddarn sleepy I would have finished it sooner. I need to remember to ask my sister to read it. It might do her a whole lot of good to start reading highschool level books so that she can pull a book report out of her ass without worrying about it.

        I must say, I now know why a few people like that book. It's nice.
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