Sunday, September 26, 2010

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There is a limit to what a person, each person can do. There is also a limit to the amount of abuse a person would take from people who are paying him to work for them. What these people don't understand is that if they force more students down these teacher's throats, there would be a attrition in this branch as well. They can't hire people and train them fast enough to replace the value that they lost the last time there were a massive avalance of students and then there was the great exodus of the AM. I am almost over the whole ordeal but what they fail to see is that they let go of so many good teachers because of that. And what remains are those who have pretty much more irate than those who left. It's bad enough that they are getting infections holding it in all the time, but the lack of healthy working condition is aggrivated by the fact that the students from the supposed messiah branch are getting tossed back to us. It's neither flattering nor funny. It's just pathetic. If they have more than 300 seats to fill over there, then you would think there would be at least one other competent teacher who can handle the tossed class. And I can only do so much for my own teacher. It's hard to promise him that it won't happen again when it happens to me as well. I am well aware that the whole more students coming in is a good thing crap. But if you are at you limit, wouldn't you raise your voice and say "Enough. I'm dying here."

It's bad timing I guess, because even if he was able to tell me in advance, he can't skip the class and once he does have a class with her, it's next to impossible to bump that class from this schedule. It's not his fault they were all off getting scolded or what not by the super saiyan boss.

I swear if he resigns because of this and some dolt is moved to my team. I will put a curse on his ass.
It's bad enough one of us is leaving to student, those lazeebots are pushing veterans to leave. Dolts.

Oh well. I guess. I might just lose two members soon. I swear if they give me dolts, I would make them suffer as they would make me suffer.


To KK,

I am just speaking in behalf of the teachers because they know you suck at interpersonal communications and they don't want to lash out at you. So be grateful that things go through me. Otherwise the stress would probably make you bloat too.

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