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archive Mig Ayesa : fan girl mode

Mig Ayesa : fan girl mode

I checked out the official site and listened to Day after Day. I now remember why we ran all the way back to our apartment to catch Rockstar INXS. ^^ We ran home to hear that voice. *sighs* O
I also checked out the Team Mig site since they put a comment in my OMG MIG AYESA blog entry. ^^ I would be reading the older entries as soon as I have the time to do it. ^^ *listening to Can't find my way home* *swoons*

Makes me proud to say, wherever you may put Pinoys, raise them in whatever culture you might want to, they would still sing with the love and passion of the Filipino people.
I saw a link to an ondoy relief card from his site. Goes to show that people don't forget to help even if they are far away.Make us proud, Mig. Not that we aren't already. ^^ Come and visit us again when you have the time. ^_^ Keep the music alive.
*Makes me hate that I can't watch any of the plays and musicals he is in. Darn this country and it's lack of places to watch those kind of things.*
P.S. I want this shirt. +_+ AS in now na. My birthday is on May 30th. I would be 25. I would kiss anyone who can get me this shirt. +_+; Promise.

I got this message on my FB. I sent my address ^_^ Ok, I know that seems a bit too trusting. +_+; But who cares? What can I do? ^^ I am mig-gagah. *As a rule it doesn't matter as long as no one asks you for money. It's not like one of those YOU WON A LOTTERY blah online. Gosh, I hate those spammers.*
It's actually nice because my officemates where like, "Who's Mig Ayesa?" and I went "Sweetie, you just have to listen to him and you don't need to know anything else." *giggle* I know, I am such a fan girl.

+++This is the Mig Ayesa I remember. He is a true rockstar in my heart.
this picture was taken from here


Conversation with my Boss.

Boss: Who's this Mig Ayesa guy you are gushing about?Me: You know INXS, right? [He is old so he does. ehehe]
Boss: Yeah, of course.
Me: They lost their lead a long time ago, right?
Boss: Yeah, so?
Me: There was this reality show where they were looking for a new lead. There was this guy who had Pinoy blood who became like a Pinoy bet for that spot. [Rockstar INXS was before that Pinoy guy became the lead for Journey so that might have played a part in it. Or not, who knows.] My roommate and I loved him. And fast forward to facebook era, he had a fan page I wrote something on it, he replied. Then I made a blog about it. Then I got googled, I suppose then someone placed a comment on that blog. I made another blog then fast forward this morning, I got a message from his assistant and she said to send a mailing address. I don't know if they can send it to me. It didn't seem like a spam or scam so I am thrilled.

Boss: I only have one question.
Me: What's that?

Boss: How many are they sending?

Me: (laughs) Just one. And I don't care what size they send me though I would hope it would fit. I am going to the gym anyway so that should fit.

Boss: (ignored all that was said after the Just one response)

as of 041410 ^_^ I can't wait for MAY!!!


There are no words. There are not enough words. ^^
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