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Friendship Poems by Pinaywriter

with a friend like me
i'm not good with tears
though i see them falling
i know you are trying
to keep the rest in

i'm not good with comfort
though i feel that you're trying
to keep yourself from collapsing
from the weight of the world

i'm not good with patience
though i sense you're waiting
for me to start learning
to care for another's life

i'm not good with happiness
though i hear you laughing
at the jokes i'm making
about the mundane cracks i spit out

i will not always be here
but there would still be
infinite space for you
to rest your weary heart

Simone 07152008


ode to hm's heart
what do you do when you meant to trust but was betrayed?
what do you do when you meant to love but was rejected?
what do you do when you meant to care but was ignored?
what do you do when you meant to wait but was forgotten?

do you stop believing everything that he said was true?
do you stop hoping someone would love you too?
do you wipe the tears and build a wall around you?
or do you just continue to love him because you can't help not to?

how many years has it been?
aren't we supposed to know better?
why do we continue to make the same mistakes
of believing that love lasts forever?

maybe we are still those fools
who think the next one would be better
not seeing the patterns of wounding
we leave ourselves open to

is it really so difficult
to remain the cynic?
is it really so much better
than being a hopeless romantic?

the rose-colored glasses
are broken at last
but our eyes are still looking
for cherry blossoms from the sky.

forgive me if I
in my life had forgotten
ancient promises
to hold your heart in my own

Simone 07142008


She is a but a little girl

She is but a little girl who dreamt of things
Of times that you would never see
If your eyes are too close to
The glass cage surrounding me

She is but a little girl who drew worlds of not
Of heroines and fallen heroes
If your heart could only understand
The merits of the stories yet untold

She is but a little girl who swam in oceans
Of islands filled with adventures
If your dear prince had come
The mermaid you would not have stayed forever

She is but a little girl who sang a siren's song
Of love lost in the fog
If storms had not come and taught you better
The bubble would have trapped you further

She is but a little girl who prayed on her knees
Of free days to be whomever
If the chains had not been broken
The same you had not befriended me

She is...was but a little girl that day I met her
Of days when she stayed behind everyone else
If I had not been so rash and immature
The friendship I cherish would not be that of me and you.

She is but that little girl
Of dreams and hopes and prayers
If you fail to see the woman she would be
The light might have rendered you blind forever.
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