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Gym Day #1 : Torture devices

Remember those stuff they use in the Dark Ages to torture people? Ever stopped to wonder what happened to those things? I least my muscles want to believe that they became modern day gym machines.
I started my official return to the gym despite my misgivings on shelling out money for me to be able to exercise my flabs away. I have always been firm in thinking sports is the only way to lose weight and not get bored. But at the state that I have let my body go, I can't run a lap without keeling over and dying. No, it's not age, it's my addictions. Nicotine, caffeine, food and the internet. I am pretty sure these put together helped me gain 25 kgs or more in less than two years.
With the impending of my cousin, I have to fit in a dress in June. I know that it would take damn near- starvation and overexercising myself to death to be able to regain my 55 kg self. (I am a 73.7) But I am realistic enough to know that I would want this to be something that I would be doing in the long run.

The funny thing is that after my workout I go to the caf next to the gym. Luckily, they have fish and chicken dishes there. And they look freshly cooked when I get there during lunch time. This way, I get to eat but I somehow accidentally eat healthier than I planned to.

I didn't sign up for a trainer because I don't like it when someone tells me to do. I don't like to small talk when I am moaning and cussing in pain. But it is hard to try to do sit ups on your own. +_+ They need to get one of those sit-up thing (I saw one in fitness first or what that a stretching chair?). On second thought I think they did have one of those sit-up benches but I just didn't know what it was for. (*slaps forehead*)I ache all over. But I remember this pain. Familiar pain is good. If I didn't die when I went through this kind of pain when I was in my teens, I am sure I can survive it now.

I think.
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    Pinaywriter becomes an Empowered Pinay ^_^

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      One Sunset at a Time - Mig Ayesa

      Do you want to try
      To live this life
      One sunset at a time?
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        You and I - Mig Ayesa

        You and I should never be together
        You and I had known that from the start
        You were not what I imagined
        And I am not what you dreamed of
        Still you and I had to fall in love


        Note to self: Listen to the songs and compile the lyrics. Googling for his lyrics...had been hard. +_+;
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          UP Cliche

          1. The Undergrad

          2. The Daddy

          3. The Awol

          4. The LOA for life

          5. The Disappearing Fratman

          6. The Underemployed

          7. The Laude

          8. The Eternal Academician

          9. The SUG a.k.a. Straight until graduation

          10. The LUG a.k.a. Lesbian until graduation

          more on this later
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            Horoscope 040810

            Because someone who cares quite a bit is watching. ^^ Hay, asa pa.
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              Must Read this

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                Desktop 041310

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                  Korean Lunches


                  This is a good way to show the difference between American cafeteria lunches and Korean classroom lunches. ^_^
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                    I think I know where I went wrong

                    I really don't want to get on my boss's radar. Since I don't like my boss.

                    I think I did this with my last bosses so I got promoted. The weird thing is that I didn't want to get promoted. +____+;
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                      Vanessa as Mimi

                      I know she can sing well. But I hope she can do Mimi justice.
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                        Teacher blooper of the Day

                        "You need to lower down your speaker. "

                        She meant to say : Please lower the volume of your speaker.

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                          ATM USER FAIL

                          I learned something new today.
                          If you get a wrong pin situation for three times, your ATM gets blocked for a day.
                          The next day, you can try it again with the correct pin.

                          I hope I knew this for sure before this day.
                          It could have given me a better night's sleep last night.


                          I really hate it when I have to deal with bank stuff. I was worried that I would have to fall in line and get things worked out. My ATM is a payroll ATM so that would have been a load of time-wasting crap if I had to go through changing my pin and shit using paperwork. No offense to BDO but it being Monday would have made my life miserable. I had to sit in line to send my mom money once, and I realized then why companies hired messengers and errand boys to do that kind of stuff. It's mind-numbing work to wait for things to move forward.

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