Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : ON Cyberslacking

ON Cyberslacking

The illusion of freedom

Cyberstalking is something that most companies are trying to irradicate. They start with verbal policies that often escalate to memos and even termination. In industries like contact centers and online education, this is indeed a big problem.

I can honestly say I am a cyberslacker. I blog, plurk, link, browse and upload all over the cyber space. But I try my best not to let it interfere with my work.

The funny thing is that they banned USBs, laptops and non-work related internet use in the office because supposedly there is a spike in the bandwidth being used. The solution was to look over the shoulder of the teachers and give those who are using the internet for things other than work a memo. This actually broke the morale of an already overworked graveyard shifters.

Then they banned using e-mails. If there was a company e-mail that we could use so that our students could e-mail us, then it would be awesome. But we don't. If we did, I am so not aware of it's existence. Most of our students like to correspond or tend to keep tabs on us using social sites or e-mail. They send us greetings and even questions. So this policy hit even work-related internet use. The only explanation that we got was that "There is no reason for you to open your e-mails." I wanted to slap the little man who said this. But he's a good guy, narrow-minded but good nonetheless.

I can't really blame the IT team for being so neurotic about the bans and the policies. It is their job to keep the internet bandwidth in order, so to speak. They take the hit for us if the system crasses on us and we can't have our classes.

The odd thing is that they thought of something a little odd to keep the people in order. They put three computers inside the training room. It
s for all the teachers to use, no blocks except maybe for porn.

It's odd because there are 126 teachers on the floor. And most of the time, our free time overlap. So the math is all off.

I bet there are those who are still covertly doing things on their stations.

I know that cyberslacking is a crime against my boss. I still believe that the three computers are just a way for the IT to find out what sites we go to. Then when they reformat our computers, they would block those sites. I swear to all that is good and holy, if they block blogger and plurk, there would be hell to pay.

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