Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive I'm not a Princess, this ain't a fairy tale...

I'm not a Princess, this ain't a fairy tale...

Last night I talked to my friend G, he told me that he was with Mark for seven days. I didn't really get it though. Maybe it was that he was working where G was working or whatever. G said that Mark was there at his place or something. Mark even barged into our conversations. ^_^ I teased him to sod off and other weird me ways of ignoring people but G was always trying to start up a topic about Mark. I guess that he would be the kind who would simply revert back to the original thing we have in common than actually talk about other shit. This person doesn't realize that my offer of friendship now surpasses the fact that I was grateful that he thought I would get back with Mark. I am actually being his friend. I am free of him now, Mark that is, and our conversations can and should include things that are not related to the man. I guess Mark still didn't like it that I talk to G about everything about my life. He still thinks that he's a part of my life. Sure, he is, but as my friend who works in another country. I am honestly closer to my gay friends than I am with the straight ones. Maybe because the gay ones are less chauvunistic than they are. I think that's it.

I also caught Louie. I was shocked when I saw his old YM tag. It seriously gave me a fright. I had been getting those dumb spammers on my YM so I had either been offline or busy on my status. He told me that he was in speaking terms with his ex. I was wondering why they were. In my case I don't talk to my exes if I still feel like getting back together with them. I don't want him to get pressured into getting back with anyone. He said he still didn't like the other guy because he was too emotional. I think I like Louie before because we had the same policy regarding feelings and mushiness, keep it in private quarters. Or maybe we are just random sociopaths with no hearts, who knows for real.

Having said that I posted my White Princess dress in THREADS AND GLITTER, ergo the title.

Girls dreamt of being a princess when they were little, I dreamt of slaying dragons. ^_^ I guess that makes me weird, huh?

I have a lot on my plate today, the draft I was sent was horrid. I need to rewrite the whole thing, I think. I hate editing things that I think are not well thoughout. But then again, I am just procrastinating. I should keep reading. ^_^

I just hope that any of these doesn't interfere with Yo,Bo! So tomorrow I am definitely going to make the comics. T_T,
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