Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : You have a lot to learn OSANG

You have a lot to learn OSANG

Osang gets showtime suspended 

I don't know where she got her education but in behalf of all the students in the whole world who had teachers who mentored us to be the holistic awesome people that we are, we apologize to Osang's former teachers from all levels. Perhaps she would never apologize to you but I would. You obviously got your work cut out for you when you taught her once upon a time. Don't be saddened that you have seemed to not have left a mark in this woman's morals or intelligence. Surely, you had other students who appreciated your efforts and went on to become decent and morally steadfast individuals. Sure, they didn't become an entertainment icon and now a has-been but perhaps they made a contribution to the world in general as a good person who didn't look down on the most noble of all professions.

Even the greatest kings and leaders had mentors. Teachers are the most influencial members of society. And perhaps if it wasn't for the people who mentored and "repeated" truths, knowledge and ethics to those men and women, the world would not have had heroes, martyrs and saints.

I am sure that in your path in finding the Lord you have stumbled upon one of his more famous titles. TEACHER. Even Jesus was a teacher.

Pity you for not being able to remember that and understand that the insult you spit out oh so recklessly did not just cause a rather entertaining show to get suspended, but also made a mockery of your own worth as a person.

I am personally appaulled. I am a teacher. I came from a family of teachers. I am sure there were children that you have tainted with your words. May their teachers be able to erase that stain. Perhaps it's true that a student needs to surpass their teacher in order to be great. I guess your teacher was far too great for you to surpass. Because you have a lot to learn, missy.

Like decency.
Like tact.
Like respect.

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