Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive English Teacher bloopers

English Teacher bloopers

Because I am an evil person I plan to place all the "painful sentences" that I hear other teachers around me say.

Disclaimer: If you mean to attack me for this simple pleasure and tell me off that I also suck at grammar, (because you had so much time to correct mine and back read all of the other blog entries) I pity you. I can't even back read my own darn blogs. Place your comment at the bottom. Make sure it's not troll worthy. Because I will give you that award based on a whim too.

Here goes:

"You did not heard?"

"Let's make a sentences, okay?"


"You have a lot of students at your back."

*I have to look for that list I used to have of these stuff.*

*Feel free to add your own boo-boos. Pinoys have a knack for laughing at themselves anyway*
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