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Here Comes The Bride

Disclaimer: I am not a movie critic. If you want a real review for this try reading this. I don't usually watch Filipino films but the ensemble didn't seem too bad to see. Okay, okay, I bought a pirated cinema copy that echoed. Still, I watched it didn't I?

I liked the fact that they used images in the beggining that could confuse people as to what the movie is really about. Although the whole solar eclipse causing souls to be replaced is a tad bit tacky it proved funny at the later part of the movie where they tried to put things, meaning the souls, in the right place, meaning bodies.

There are a lot of laugh-out loud parts in this movie and the placements of the lawyer's soul in Tuesdays' body brought out a lot of those. Of course, the fact that a gay was placed in Angelica's vavavoom body was great as well. I couldn't stop laughing whenever she said "Pak!" Her walk down the aisle and the honeymoon dancing was hilarious too.

I have to admit, the images in the beginning made me think that they were never able to put their lives in order. I thought Stephanie's character ended up living in Eugene's body and she still ended up with the main guy. And I even thought that image consultant ended up doing porn since she (in Angelica's body) was being tied up.

But of course, we need to resolve the story, that is the mainstream Pinoy movie formula. All lose ends tied.

I am just happy there were no classic hitting of people and dance/song moments. That much I can say for this movie.

It made me forget that weddings can be a boring thing.
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    Greatest Gift on my Birthday

    It's not anything that came in a box although I am still waiting for the mig ayesa box (hopefully the abysmal security of the postal services in this country had not attacked that one and rendered my fangirldom to naught.), the greatest gift that I got was the affirmation that I have made some really awesome friends and that I am loved beyond imagining by my family.

    Over pizza, charlie chan and The Bar Apple, Hot Mamah, Javi and I talked about love, life and the choices our hearts have made that lead to our happiness and miseries. We tried to give a reason to, play the devil's advocate in and accept the things that life had thrown at us since we graduated.

    Conversations with cerebral friends is something that no lover or ours have yet to deliver to the table. And I think that is a kind of gift that people we love deserve and I got on my birthday, the time to sit back, gobble down food, smoke a bit and talk.

    I was stupid enough to think that he would call me. But when I got the text messages, the facebook comments and greetings, and a peculiar event invite, I realized that I didn't need one idiot to remember my birthday. Because I had friends who loved me, who knew me, shared my interests and hopes for the future.

    I had finished Natasha (Elbi Life series), the novel that took a lot of my emotions for Mark away from my subconscious. It's like the Bahay Bata play that I made that was about my relationship with JL minus the dead baby part.

    So there another gift for myself. An ending to many chapters about my love for him.

    I had an early self-gift too, I managed to finish paying for my laptop EROS. Yey!
    My dad gave me his phone, Eikichi so Yamaguchi can now rest in the hands of my little sister.

    And here comes the things to do for this year:

    1. Loose weight (Yeah, yeah this is like the new year's resolution that never gets done)

    2. Finish Yo, Bo! Book 1.

    3. Start a new novel.

    4. Have a blast when Reina comes home.

    5. Try to go on at least one date. (I might go to this event my friend suggested a speed dating thing for "SPEED WAITING: Build Fellowships (And Homes) While Waiting for The One" ) (ay by invitation only pala to) I could actually hit two birds with one stone, check off "speed date once" and "go on a date" by doing that. It's for charity so that would be good too. ^_^

    6. Start saving.

    7. Pay off all my mom debts.

    8. Get eyeglasses.

    9. Try to buy a point and shoot camera of my own.

    10. Make more poems.
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      Minsan ang kahapon ang pait na kailangan mong matikman para maging mas matamis ang bukas. ~pinaywriter
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        With friends like you

        I think I am a very lucky person. Although one of my closest friends flew to Bahrain and may very well stay there for the longest time, I know that I still have her with me. Though I would miss having her in pictures and meeting up with her when we go to Elbi to drink at Hopscotch, I know I won't lose her.

        I know this because I have been holing myself up in my apartment for the past few months. It was partly because of the whole Mark thing and the fact that I am too busy worrying about my team that I had to cancel out all social events. I barely went home too. My mom got worried.

        But I realize that even if I just got off work and I want nothing else but to lie down and sweat while I sleep (It's too damn hot in this country nowadays.) I barely groaned when my friend told me she needed to talk to me.

        So there I was KFC in tow, I was off to her apartment.

        People have moments when they can't really handle what they are going through anymore. There are also days when you just can't get by just by watching a chick flick or eating ice cream. (Speaking of ice cream, I ate some that I would blog about in a bit.) That is when you need a friend to sit there, shut up and listen to you rant. Sometimes blogging about it is not enough. ^_^

        Sometimes I feel like hitting my friends on the back of their heads and tell them, "Deal with it." But you can't. Because you know that when you were making absolutely no sense rambling about your own life, there were there and they listened.

        I just hope that things work out for them, in their career, in their lives and most especially and this one is the one that takes the longest to hash out, their bloody-freaking lovelives.

        Because at the end of the day, I want them to be happy. I want them to no longer need me to comfort them and to talk to them about their problems since they won't have so much.

        Still I am not opposed to having a bite to eat just to catch up on how happy they have been so far. ^_^
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          Meltdown Madness

          One thing that sucks when you work in an internet-based workplace, stuff like meltdowns become an unwelcome icebreaker to a supposedly humdrum day. Since everything that you are using is connected to a server, when it goes down things can go bad at any point at any time and there is absolutely nothing you, being one of the drones, can do to fix the situation.

          This is where an online English teacher's freetalking skill comes in handy. If you are able to get a connection, often over the telephone, and chitchat your way into making your student ignore the fact that you can't have class at that moment.

          I guess this is when the tech support team starts to really earn their paychecks. Unfortunately for some foreign companies that have offshore servers that support the other side, this can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, the IT team needs to keep their cool so they can keep things under control. If they start panicking, everyone else panics.
          Which brings me to my point...if people in the higher ranks start spewting the wrong instructions, or the right ones in a panicked tone, those in the lower ranks sees what their supervisors are made of. And it's not always pretty. Some can handle it with a grim smile or others burst out in fits of groans. Still if they can handle situations like this, worst case scenarios as they are, without batting an eyelash, then the rest of the people on the operations floor would also feel relaxed.
          Things like this are far in between. Often they are caused by servers going offline or a slow connection caused by natural disasters. If the lines are compromised then it could take a while or some kind of reboot of the actual main server that would be inconvenient for all those who rely on the connection.
          I don't really have a clear idea about what is going on when there is a "meltdown"as I call it. I call it that because it's when I see some people actually meltdown and become completely incapable of handling situations. I am not entirely sure if I am among those who meltdown when something big affects the connections we have with our students. Still I am glad that in less than three weeks, I would not need to worry about other people's classes and situations. I just need to handle those that are on my schedule.

          And that is why I am smiling while everyone were on their feet and worried of what would happen next.

          (picture is made by Yo,Bo! Komiks artist Norby Ela)
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            Meet Eikichi - Hand-me-down CP

            I got a different cp to play with now. I will retire Yamaguchi (the cel that my college best friend Reina gave me) and use my dad's old phone. It's not that old and I have been eyeing it since he got it. At least now my cp has bluetooth and a camera. I know, I know I am behind the times when it comes to cps. I am a technophobe when it comes to cellular phones. I don't need it for anything other than texting and calling people. The only real use I have for it is for alarms and tracking dates. So I never really wanted a new one. But hey, there is always room for change. Maybe in the future I could get a cooler multi-tasking smart phone but for now hand-me-down cps are okay. Besides, I don't have a significant other to take mushy cp pictures with as well as exchange jejemon sms with. ^_^;

            My sister would be using Yamaguchi. I hope she doesn't lose her or I would end her short stint on earth abruptly. That phone was a witness to a great love, a great lose and was my partner-in-crime as the friend who is one sms away. So I love that phone. Still I need to move to a better one before there is nothing that can be salvaged from the last one. ^_^

            *Eikichi is Onizuka's first name.
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              Three more weeks in the Inferno

              I can't wait for all of these random, ever-changing, push and pull ruckus to be all over for me. I just want to worry about my own grammar problems, my own issues, and my own crap. I will count, toil and bear this for now. But when they ask me to take up a position of power again I would not sooner leave than accept.

              No more. I want to be a simple teacher. I used to love my job. I want to re-acquaint myself to the parts that I enjoyed the most. And being the "do it now even if we delegated it to you late " person isn't it. At all.
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                Demoted back to Teacher level - Happiness!

                I got demoted from Group Leader to Teacher and I couldn't be happier. I didn't need anyone to ease the "bad" news since that was actually excellent news for me. I can earn the 1,500 any other way. But babysitting for a bunch of whinnies is not it. +_+; Anyway, I loved being in my team. My team is awesome by the way. But I just hate cleaning up after people and telling them what to do. I just like minding my own business and letting other people take the lead. I like doing good things for my team and letting someone else take the credit. But if anyone of them fucks up I don't want to have to handle their shit for them. They can crap wherever they want but not in my hand and definitely not during my free time.

                They didn't need to tell me that I am a good GL. I know I am good at what I do. I can be a bit lax at times but when it was time to put people on a tighter, shorted leash then I can handle it. But I don't like having to tell people the rules that they should already know but not follow. I like to bend some myself (without them knowing) and that would be harder now that I am not in a position of power. It would suck since it would lessen the knowledge bank that would help me help other people. Still I am glad.

                Like the three grinning people on the other side of the table were saying, I am released.

                This is the best piece of news I ever received since Lana accidentally told me that I was our team's new GL.

                I might just get more than one gift for my birthday.

                Downside: Someone wants me to focus on the indie komik that we are working on. Jesus. Like I would get shackled again when I just got my freedom.

                I am taking this weekend and going to do the following:

                1. Get all my laundry (literal ones) washed.
                2. Finish ELBI LIFE- NATASHA's last two chapters.
                3. Work on the training chapter's plot flow and dialogues.
                4. Get the HM girl gba copy.
                5. Relax.
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                  Birthday Blues and 25 years worth of life lessons

                  When my mom was this age she had already found the love of her life. She had a job where she loved her boss and she lived in her hometown.
                  When I turn 25, I would be renting in Makati, sleeping on the floor, single and might be out of a job a week after my birthday. So really, how happy can my birthday be? Yes, I am having birthday blues. But can you really blame, fatty, fugly, penniless little ol' me?

                  The saddest thing is that in my head, I can't see the me that people see now. I still see my 55kg spunky and wild me. Only in my head now, at least. I miss that girl, not because she was young at 21, not because she had no tummy, had a firm ass and could run or swim as much as she wanted to (among other things) or that she could fit in clothes that she had since she was in high school.

                  I miss her because she was fun.

                  I miss her because she was a go-getter.

                  I miss her because she knew how to piss people off and still come out as one of their best friends.

                  I miss her because she loved without thinking of the consequences.

                  I miss her because she never had to choose between the right thing and what could get her burned in the deepest circle of hell. She just did what she wanted, did who she wanted without second guessing herself.

                  I miss her because she had her friends around her and not in some far flung part of the city and other parts of the world (where getting a tourist visa is next to impossible).

                  I miss her because she didn't have a great love, she was still racing for a climax.

                  I miss her because she never compromised who she is for money, for love or for friendship.

                  She was reckless, she was free, she was the real me that I am to return to being.

                  I want Spunky back.

                  So if you guys ever want to give me my mojo back, try to clobber the asshole who told me I would still be beautiful even if I let myself go then up and left without saying goodbye.

                  In the end, of all my 25 years, despite all the love I got from friends and family, I have learned that:

                  1. You are only as beautiful as you imagine yourself to be.
                  2. Listen to your mother when she tells you to take care of your skin.
                  3. Never take contraceptive advice from your boyfriend.
                  4. You can be alone and not be lonely.
                  5. You can be in a group of people, in a party and still feel like you are on your own.
                  6. The only person who can love you for who you are is the person you see in the mirror.
                  7. Learn about sex in any way that you can because no one else can teach you otherwise.
                  8. Reading is not for sissies.
                  9. Never tag your mother on a sexy photo.
                  10. If you have to choose between money and memories, choose the later.
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                    Why I like working alone

                    I just remembered recently why I like working alone. It's not without it's disadvantages, but it has a lot more perks than I had previously remembered. Being a writer pretty much lets me work on my own pace and lets me procrastinate as much as I want to. Keeping my novels in the back seat had been easy since I didn't have an editor or someone else who checks my work to push me or to bug me. I can push myself well enough but sometimes when there is someone whom you are working with who has more sugar in his/her system than you do, you just want to take a tranq gun and shoot an entire round at them. But then again, I am not a stranger to having a monkey on my back. I just usually grab it and choke it till it dies. Still, it does offer some advantage, I am actually getting some things done. But sometimes people need to realize that trying to do everything at the same time is the best way to fail at a goal. Multi-tasking can start a lot of new things and engage new ideas. But, there is also a chance of running out of steam.

                    I guess I am just getting bummed out because of my day job. I will definitely spread the virus that is my opinion on this matter in a later time.

                    That and the fact that I have to go to Kamay ni Jesus on my birthday with my stupid family. (Who the heck goes to a Lent destination on their birthday? I barely spend an hour in church on Christmas. Gesh. Happy freaking birthday to me.)

                    The only good thing about this month is that I now officially own Eros (my laptop). At least now I can break it and I won't have to answer to anyone. +_+; I just hope my parents forget about the whole buying a place in Lipa shit.

                    Oh, another silver lining. As of yesterday, I got a message from Mig Ayesa's assistant, Miss Lily that I can expect the package in six to ten days! I am so excited. That would totally make my month!!!

                    I guess I just have to suffer through the murk to get to the Mig. ^_^
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                      Tagalog Love Quotes

                      Kung gusto mong magmahal ako ng iba para maging masaya ka sa piling nya, umaasa ka sa wala. Parang ako nung umasa akong ako lang ang mamahalin mo.


                      Hindi ako naniwala noong sinabi mong gusto mo ako, hindi ako naniwala noong sinabi mong nahuhulog na ang loob mo sa akin, hindi ako naniwala noong sabihin mong mahal mo ako. Hindi kasi ako makapaniwala na kailangan mo pang sabihin ang matagal ko nang alam.


                      Kapag masama ang pakiramdam ko, yakap mo lang gumagaling na ako. Pero pa'no na lang ako kung ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako nasasaktan?


                      Aanihin ko ang sorry mo kung nasaktan na ako?
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                        Robin Replaces Willie

                        I love Robin Padilla.
                        I hate Wowowee.
                        I might consider watching Wowowee now.


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                          I am having those I want to shoot someone days

                          I am having those I want to shoot someone days.

                          First of all, I woke up to the text message of a member that she would have to
                          be absent the day before her last day because she needs to go to POEA to get her
                          brother's paperwork certified. It would have been acceptable had she not missed
                          two days of work for fixing her LOA paperwork.

                          What I hate is not the whole being absent part but the part where I have to
                          distribute her classes because she is absent. Luckily they had decided to move
                          her classes to new teachers.

                          I can't wait for the day when I would just be a regular teacher again. I promise myself that I would just not be as "promotable" as I was that time around. +_+;
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                            T.O.P. forum

                            T.O.P. moved from the Ning network to a forum that I can access on any network. I am pretty happy about it except for the fact that I haven't finished my story. I really need to since it's already MAY and I have a lot of other projects that I need to work on.
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                              500 days of Summer - quotes

                              There is no such thing as love. It's a fantasy. -Summer, 500 days of Summer.


                              You are not the only one who has a say in this. I do too. And I say we are a couple, goddamnit. *walk-out* -Tom 500 days of Summer


                              (while staring at a swirl of shit in a gallery) Tom: Do you want to go to the movies?


                              there are two options really, either she is an evil emotion-less miserable human being or she is a robot.


                              Tom: I liked this girl. I loved her. And what she do? She took a giant shit on my face. Literally.

                              Tom's friend: I thnk d grl of my drims technically has a really bodacious rack...but Robin is better than the girl of my dreams. She's real.


                              Can I ask you a question? She never cheated on you? She never took advantage of you in anyway? And she told you upfront that she didn't want a boyfriend? *awkward silence*


                              Look, I know that you think that she was the one. But I don't. Now, I think you're only remembering the good stuff.Next time you look back, I really think you should look again.


                              T: Why'd you dance with me?
                              S: Coz I wanted to.
                              T: You just do what you want don't you? You never wanted to be someone's gf and now you're somebody's wife.
                              S: Surprised me too.
                              T: I don't think I'll ever understand that. I mean it doesn't make sense.
                              S: It just happened.
                              T: Right that's what I don't understand. What just happened?
                              S: I just woke up one day and I knew.
                              T: Knew what?
                              S: What I was never sure of with you.
                              T: You know what sucks? That everything you believe in is complete and utter bullshit. It sucks. You know, destiny, soul mates, true love and all that childhood fairytale, none sense. You were right. I should have listened to you.

                              S: I guess it's coz I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Grey and a guy comes up to me and asks me about it. And now he is my husband. So what if I've gone to the movies? What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch? What if I'd gotten there ten minutes later? It was meant to be and I just kept thinking. Tom was right.
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                                InDIE comments hurt

                                I know that there is still a lot that I need to learn about making komiks and I am hoping that the stories that I make for our artist, Norby would be good enough to transfer into panels. Being new to this form has drawn a bit ofnot so positive reviews and hard truths, not to mention that the possibility that we would have to leave our office is making us all stressed out.

                                But there are advantages to this group effort, although the hard core ones send us private messages that make me want to just forget about the Yo, Bo! story and move on to other things, the reminder that if a badly drawn comic can sell for more than it should makes me think that we could still get other people to like Yo,Bo! We have the support of our friends and we got each other. If things don't work out, like the pmer said, we just need to keep doing it.

                                Still, I would need to keep a day job. ^_^;
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                                  If you didn't vote, don't complain

                                  I have always believed that if you exercised your right to vote during the election period then you earn the right to complaint if the people you voted for won but did not do go on their promises.

                                  I didn't get to register.
                                  I didn't vote.
                                  So I don't think I don't have the right to complain about how the winners would be determined and how crooked they really are.

                                  I also don't plan to have any children. Because a parent who doesn't vote, sells one's vote or is duped into voting for the wrong person has more to lose than I do. They put their children's future is at stake.
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                                    ROSES FOR INAY, CARNATIONS FOR UMMA and APPAH

                                    Today is my mother's birthday. Don't ask how old she is because I can't do math in my head. ^_^

                                    Tomorrow is Parent's Day in Korea. (May 8)

                                    On Sunday, it's Mother's Day. (May 9)

                                    I was just taken aback that I still don't have a gift for my mom. I figured I would buy her something that she could use. Last year, I bought her flowers for her birthday last year. But now that I know that carnations are for parents, that seems like a better flower to buy for her. The problem is where am I going to buy carnations after work? I get off work at around 11:30 p.m. so I really don't think any shop in the vicinity of my building would still be open.

                                    I guess I would just have to buy it when I go home tomorrow. +_+; Gesh.

                                    Still this blog is about my mom. I would make one for my dad in June. He can wait his turn. ^_^

                                    You have to understand something about me and my mom.

                                    I hated her while I was growing up. Not hate hate but hate in the sense that she made me do things that I really didn't want to. She nags too. I think she has an Olympic gold medal for this event. She told me to wash my face or I would get pimples. She told me to wear girly clothes when we go to church. She told me to wash up and change my underwear everyday or something would smell like fish sauce (patis). She told me that my only job as a kid was to study. She told me to stop smoking. She told me to never give up my "love" to someone who isn't my husband. She told me that there is a time for getting married and that I should enjoy my life as a single woman. She told me, not in words, but in actions that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn your lessons.

                                    I did a lot of things that my mom would never know about. I want to keep it that way because I want to protect her from the things that would make her feel less like the wonderful mother that she was to me and my siblings. But I would want her to know that when I was doing the stuff I should not be doing, I weighed them against the things that she taught me while I was growing up. Sure, I still did like 75% of those things, but that's just my way of learning, but the other 25% I followed what my mom nagged me to do for 16 years.

                                    Do the right thing.
                                    Be a good person.
                                    Be willing to give without asking for payment.
                                    Do a good deed everyday.
                                    Don't whine just do your best.

                                    A lot of people love my mom. I dread the day she passes away because I am sure a cathedral wouldn't fit all the mourners. They would come home from different parts of the world to show their gratitude and their love.

                                    She is a superwoman. That is pretty much how I see my mom. Her kryptonite is family. But we are also her red sun. (Superman gets his super powers from getting exposed to our sun. FYI.) I think the reason why I am so scared of getting married, committing and being a mom is because I know I can't measure up to her. She found a man who loved her so much he never cheated on her, he never hit her and they made a home where love, although rarely uttered, is felt and experienced by everyone in it.

                                    Sure my brother says our family is a bit dysfunctional, it's just because we are a rare group. Not a lot of families have our brand of crazy, some families are polite and boring. We are a barrel of noisy monkeys. It is embarrassing at times, and I love my family in small dozes but I know my mom is the glue that puts all of the crazy pieces together. Without her my dad would crumble and we would have been led astray.

                                    I never really understood what my ex told me about my mom and my family until recently. He's scared of my mom and not of my dad, by the way. It's because he knows who the alpha dog is in my family. And that if we ever ended up together, he knew who the alpha dog would be in ours.

                                    When I was younger I never wanted to hear that I would grow up to be just like my mother, but now, I strieve to be just like her.

                                    So to all moms, I SALUTE YOU. Everyday should be mother's day. It's the hardest job around after all.
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                                      I don't speak Korean

                                      Just because I teach Koreans English doesn't automatically mean I CAN talk in Korean. It is an advantage for an online teacher like me to know how to do that. But you have to understand, it's a skill that can be more useful for a man-to-man teacher or one who teaches Koreans in an actual classroom. I want to learn how to communicate in Korean but it's not really encouraged in online classes since it would let the students think that it's okay to speak in Korean while the whole point of the online classes is to force them to communicate in English.

                                      So there, if anyone else thinks of asking me what something in Korean is in English, then I would have to google it just like the rest of the population.

                                      Someone asked me what susia is in English. I really don't know. If anyone knows, let me know and I would tell her.

                                      These are the only ones that I know. And I have to read it to be able to know which is which.
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                                        Don't buy it just because it's green

                                        These slippers gave hurt my feet.

                                        What I learned from this experience:

                                        1. Buy slippers a size bigger than your feet. One foot is usually bigger than the other.
                                        2. Don't buy something just because it's cheap. Cheap stuff often suck.
                                        3. Don't buy something just because it comes in your favorite color.
                                        4. Stay away from all SM sales, even if you have to walk through the mall to avoid the infernal heat on your way to work. +_+;
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                                          These people need to stop talking to me

                                          Okay, this is what I don't understand. Which specific chatting are they repremanding me for, and why just now? Because this is the only time they caught me. I have half a mind to ask for a screen shot. But I won't give them the gratification of getting me rattled (visibly at least) at the shitty way they are treating people around here.

                                          I get the policy and I signed the damn thing.
                                          But what is unusual is that they seem to want to limit all communication to a class-based use. But what about if you have to ask someone something personal? I mean, people at work talk about other things aside from work, right? What do they want people to do? Go out of their station and talk to other people in person, disturbing them while they are having class and making a lot of noise in the process.

                                          I get the mechanics. I understand where they are coming from but that doesn't make me any less frustrated.

                                          Is this what they want, for everyone to just stop talking to each other, to forget that they have officemates while they are in the workplace? Sure, there are those who abuse the messenger system and bother other people while they are having class. But it's something that people need to remember, that they need to self-police.

                                          I guess talking about the comic while on that messenger would need to be fixed. I guess we need to work on making codes that sound like we talking about class related stuff. Otherwise, love letters are going to keep coming in.

                                          I just hope I got that memo for that time that I called someone a bird brain. Because then I would have deserved it. +_+

                                          Anyway, they can give me as much memos as they want. But I would find a way to work around the Magna Carta of the Kimchi Inferno.

                                          They can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.
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                                            Group incentive for April

                                            This is our second time. ^_^ Who would have thought it could happen again? I certainly didn't. Unfortunately since Tina went on a leave for May 6, we won't have one for May. Too bad.
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                                              Yo,Bo! Komiks Preview

                                              I got my name on a cover of a comic! You can look at the preview of Yo, Bo! at the YOBOKOMIKS page.

                                              It contains the pages that we printed for the free comic book day. ^_^
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                                                I got a Sunshine Award!

                                                I am not a big sunshine-loving person. Must be from all the vampire lore that I came to love. BUT Angel sent meone so I would like to send it back to her.

                                                I might link it to other people...but I don't know. ^_^;

                                                it came from Mikki so I gotta send it back to her too, I guess.

                                                Remember those chain mails before? I am where they get sent to be deleted for life. ^_^ But I like awards. Might make some for other friends. Hmmm...maybe, "Awesomus Primal Blog" award. ^_^
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                                                  IRON MAN 2 - review

                                                  Disclaimer: This is my personal review and I wasn't trying to be too critical since I already know I love IronMan.
                                                  Quotable Quotes/Expressions:

                                                  "I want one." - a statement of extreme childish extravagance that would lead you to ask for something or someone that you can't really have.

                                                  "You lose." - even at the moment of actual defeat, this can be said when the victory of the opponent can lead to his own demise thus revealing that the battle was just a phase one of the actual revenge

                                                  I loved the movie because of many reason but the following are the real reason why:

                                                  1. I got to watch it for free. (Thanks Mirna and Norby, for that.)
                                                  2. I just got new Iron Man comics that I was about to read and getting to watch that movie on the same day was awesome.

                                                  3. The character of the older Stark was a mystery for me since I was not a big comic book fan to begin with. But it was not hard for me to understand that as Tony tries to fix his personal flaws, he is able to become the man his father's saving grace and the man the older Stark actually knew he would become.
                                                  4. I waited for the ending of the movie so I could see what the next movie was going to be, and I plan to read up on Thor as soon as I can. ^_^

                                                  5. I would like to take this moment to thank the men and women who comprise the computer graphics and animation teams for this film. Without you, IronMan2 would have sucked immensely.

                                                  6. This is the kind of movie that would make you think, "This movie cost a lot to make." at least in the beginning that is what you would think then you forget the cost and think, "But hell, it was worth every penny."

                                                  7. Black Widow. There are no words...
                                                  8. As much as I love the man who played IronMan2 for mere hotness reasons, I would like to applaud his own take on IronMan and the humor that he channels for the character. I am sure other actors could have done a good job but he did an excellent job in personifying Tony Stark without overdoing it.
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                                                    with MAY ahead of me

                                                    I usually do this, not because I want to follow and I believe everything in it comes to pass, but short of reading my cards again, this would have to do. (I have stopped trying to learn how to read the tarot since I am a big fat coward and a lazy ass fool.)

                                                    It's weird that it is saying something about love. I am thinking it might just be the mig package coming. ^__________^

                                                    This is SATC 2 month as well. ^________^

                                                    I will try to chronicle the highlights of this month for me. And that also includes the shitty parts.

                                                    May 1: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY & IRON MAN 2
                                                    MAY2: OUTRIGGER ANILAO BATANGAS with PG peeps
                                                    MAY3: I went to work to an office that had no centralized air-conditioning since today was supposed to be a holiday. Plus side : Double pay
                                                    I made a boo-boo on my last class. It was so hot that I was seeing things that I had to put in a sorry recording in it. +_+;
                                                    May 4:
                                                    May 5:
                                                    May 6:
                                                    May 7: My mom's birthday
                                                    May 8: Supposedly we were going to Puerto Galera. But I am thinking that we won't be able to since they couldn't find a decent place to rent at a cheap price.
                                                    May 9: Supposed to still be in Puerto Galera.
                                                    May 10 : Supposed to go back to work in the morning.
                                                    May 11 :
                                                    May 12 :
                                                    May 13 :
                                                    May 14 :
                                                    May 15 :
                                                    May 16 :
                                                    May 17 :
                                                    May 18 :
                                                    May 19 :
                                                    May 20 :
                                                    May 21 :
                                                    May 22 :
                                                    May 23 :
                                                    May 24:
                                                    May 25 :
                                                    May 26 :
                                                    May 27:
                                                    May 28:
                                                    May 29:
                                                    May 30: I am have a quarter of a century old. ^_^
                                                    May 31:
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                                                      Of High School friends and Kayaking

                                                      Simone and Joel (our photographer for the trip and only boylet)

                                                      kate (red), Simone (green), Eden (olive green), Entel (pink), Dea (stripes), Marian (brown)
                                                      Remind me never to do this again

                                                      I had a great time with the PG gang (stands for Puerto Galera and Patay gutom - we love to eat) at Anilao last Sunday. I had to leave early today since I had to get to work but it was great. For 1,500 I got to snorkel, swim, kayak, water bike, drink, eat and trade stories with people who were neither pretentious nor sensitive. ^_^

                                                      More later.

                                                      This was May2-3. Did I mention May rocks?
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                                                        Of Free Comics and Iron Men

                                                        Will post pictures later.

                                                        It was awesome. I didn't care if I didn't win anything from that time. I had a blast and free comics that I plan to give to my cousins as christmas gifts. I also bought some superman comics that they might like. Who knows, if comics is the only way they would learn to be better in English, then I would do my best to pour it at them as often as I can. ^_^ I might make them literate after all.

                                                        The Yo,Bo! free comics were gone in 20 minutes. We need to hurry up in making those. Norby was thinking that it would be best if we had the pages posted on the Yobokomiks page but we still need to clear it up with BigM.

                                                        Oh well. After than I watched IronMan2 with Norbs and Mirna (his muse, I'm sure). I got to watch a free movie on the same day I got free comics. Awesome.

                                                        May 1 was a definite highlight. And so far, May is looking fairly nice. Except for the fact that the new manager is flying solo, this month might just be the most memory packed ever.
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                                                          You came back from Korea and all I got is this Chocopie

                                                          BTW I love chocopie.

                                                          Will post pics later.

                                                          A former TC who is now the manager for the Company Hagwon in Korea went back to the Ortigas office. I met him briefly and shook his hand. It was best that I not ignore someone whose job is more secure than mine, right?

                                                          Anyway, the next day I got two mini-snickers and a chocopie.

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