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Why I need an eye mask - archive

Why I need an eye mask - archive

Why I need an eye mask

Well this puts a whole new spin to the Nazi Roommate fiasco.

I had an encounter with the NR on a Monday morning.
She had left the lights on from late at night till the wee hours of the morning.
I usually get up at 2:40 in the morning. Yes, that is how early I get up. My job starts at 4:50 and I need an hour to bathe and get ready. I also need an hour to get to work. Why I have not moved to somewhere closer to work is none of your business so zip it.

Suffice to say I got pissed. This has happened before. And I know what this would make me. I would be sleepy as hell at work. I would have thirteen sleepy classes, three of which I would be comatose and not be able to teach my student anything. I had tossed and turned in bed for the past four hours and I had enough. So I got up and turned the lights off. The NR had the nerve to tell me that she was doing a report that she needed to submit early in the morning. She was doing it at that time because according to her it is the best time for her to absorb the information. I told her I couldn't sleep because the light was on. I turned the lights back on and told her good luck on her report. It was, of course, oozing with sarcasm. What I wanted to do was grab her useless laptop and smash her with it. But of course I was too tired and sleepy to do that so I didn't. She did turn off the lights and did her report. I was dumbfounded. If she could actually do this without the lights on then why the hill-billy dingdong did she keep them on in the first place? Of course, by this time, I could no longer sleep. I heard her say something akin to me disturbing her sleep as well. She said, "Bwisit" very audibly. I was appalled. She had the nerve to compare my having to get up to take a bath and get dressed to her device of torture! Of course I needed to open the lights, I had to get my clothes and I didn't take that long to move around before I closed the lights and left for work.

What a Nazi.

It was a Monday, that much I have said. The real reason why it pissed me off and I didn't just sit back and relaxed this time around was because this was not the first time that this has happened. And just because she has been, according to her own perceptions, cleaning after us, she lords around the room like she owns it. This might not be as bad as I describe it but cleaning while we are there and throwing out things away just because they are in the way (and moldy - this part I understand but as someone before you throw it you idiota) are just so Willie Revillame of you. The funny thing was that when I talked (ranted and screamed is more apt, I think) to my other two roommates, I found out that one of them was actually half-asleep as well. She is the one directly under the light so I get that she is the one most affected by this.

So I plan to either turn some of my old unused clothes (those that do not fit) into customized eye masks for yours truly. I want to give the other one a job application abroad or a guy who would fuck her brains out so much that she would leave that apartment and go live with him. That way, she would make another person miserable. At the very least, she would no longer be the old maid who waxes the floorboards too often and has no home to lord over so she makes her roommates walk on eggshells.

Well if she thinks that I would put up with it any longer, then she is sadly mistaken. I have seniority in that apartment. I actually have a way into the landlady's affections. (I am conniving, I bride the OIC landlady with lent paperbacks ^^ ) And if she thinks I am a slob now, then she is sadly mistaken. She hasn't experienced how bad I was when I was in university. You can all ask my constant roommie and best friend Reina about then if you ever figure out who she is. ^^ I can make a mess for eight people. So NR has a world of pain coming for her. I see a very moldy future for her. And if I ever have the chance to get Jade into that dorm, then I would not just have julalays. I would have a tag team to meet up with her. NR would have no choice but not be a b*tch from bugsville.

The funny thing is that my mom keeps telling me to calm down and to not do anything drastic. But she also said that when they come by on August 23 she would check if the NR was "hit" worthy. ^^ I was of course appalled that my mother would think of saying that. Because I am her daughter, I can handle my business well. And if this NR is as smart as her "others" college degree and got anything from that stupid law firm that she works for, then she would stay the hell out of my way and not even try to get on my good side. Because unlike our religious former rommie, I am my mother's daughter. I would make sure that my mug is there everyday so that the people I hate or who hate me would see me and their day would be miserable. And I would extract revenge every time they have to walk on egg shells.

Not having people talk to you like a friend does take it's toll on people. Let's just see how long she lasts.

I know. I am such a bully. I should cut my hair and it would be just like old times. But that would be overly dramatic.

This is why I need an eye mask. Because I want to pretend that I want her to do just as she pleases and that I am the wimp who backed down. After all, it's always best to be well-rested when you are trying to bully other people. Queen B's need their beauty rest. Don't we, Blair?

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