Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive : Elvis will be in the Building

Elvis will be in the Building

I need to buy corporate shoes for Mondays.
I need to make sure no one sees Eros when I go to work or they would memo my ass so fast, I would have blinked and signed before knowing it.
I also need to not curse today. I wouldn't know if the super saiyan boss is behind me.
I need to limit if not completely ignore my plurk, yahoo and blogger today. I don't want to put my team in jeopardy.

They are also reformating my computer so that should be fun. Goodbye all that I hold dear, hello mobile plurking. I might need to load Kapatid (my smartbro) so that I can plurk in the early morning when I get home from work and just before I get to work in the morning.

* I hope that Singko (my portable drive) is zoo free. Fuck you trojans and the fuckers that made you. Fuck you all.

Oh well, I hope today isn't as shitty as I anticipate it to be.

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