Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive Favorite students C and T - How to handle Overstimulated students

Favorite students C and T - How to handle Overstimulated students

These two students are brother and sister. The girl is older. They were special students basically because they grew restless using the regular books. I had to make auxiliary lessons for them in the beginning. I used pictures that show stories. Finally the parents relented because the students could read well but could not understand what they were reading. ^^ They were not aware that it was actually the plan. Fables and the legends are hard to explain to high school students, let alone to a constantly singing elementary student and a playful kinder gardener.

I have to hand it to their parents, these kids are well-read. I mean...too well read. I guess it's because the dad is a lawyer and the mom is a professor. So becoming bookish isn't something that they can avoid.

Thomas likes to draw. We usually begin our class with greetings and scribbling. In the beginning it was irritating because they wouldn't stop scribbling throughout the class. But later on, they formed a habit to draw in the beginning and scribble only when they are bored. I do my best not to let them get bored. With smart kids boredom is the enemy.

They are typically kids, so they love to talk. They usually show me things that they get or draw what they did that day.
This way we are able to make better sentences.

This was a picture of that day when they went to a Nick Vujicic talk.
It's interesting how their parents like to expose these kids to events

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