Sunday, September 26, 2010


REMOVING POLITICAL ADS - I am not voting, duh!

I need to remove the political ads from my blog. 

I hate most of the presidentiables. I want to cut myself every time I see Manny Villar at the bottom of my blog entry. It's just sickening. I am sorry. But I didn't get to register because I was too busy (I worked Saturdays during that time.) so I really don't want to remember that I can't vote against that orange-clad *insert nasty name here*.

Or maybe I just hate orange?
But I don't like yellow either. Though I initially wanted to vote for him.
Then I can't love green because seriously, that guy is a snob. I mean, come on. Why would he put his effin' face on FRUITAS glasses? Seriously. Is there no sacred spot? I need to not drink Fruitas for a while. I might choke if I see his caricature.

Anyway. I can't get around to fixing it yet. Damn effin office blocked everything even online storage sites. Effin'I.T.
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    Crapshitpiss in the summer

    I think I might just die right now. I am literally full of shit right now. And I have an hour and a half to go before I can dash to the loo.


    Ugh. It hurts to even type that word.
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