Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : To fly again - poem

To fly again - poem

I have looked at the sky far too long,
With dark tinted glasses, torn
Should I trade them now for a rose hue
So that I can say I am free to fly with you

Whisper me none of those promises
That you have said before
I know my heart I believe it will
Not falter this time around

Still they say I should be wary
I should count my steps before I leap
But here I am at the edge
I can't count, I just jump

Too late to see the strings attached
You've latched them around my heart
Not long before I did the same but
It wrung the love out

This time around while I was falling
I was afraid to say the words
But they all knew before I could
That I was in love with you

They are afraid and no longer trust
That ours is a love that would last
But I was there when they too leaped
And fell into a bliss so timeless and rare

Still I am falling when I thought I would fly
I felt the twinge of fear and disappointment
Did I not learn how hard it was to get up
Was I really a fool and should distrust

I asked you then to let my heart go
Cut the strings around my heart
You looked at me with pain in your eyes then asked
"Am I him who would let you fall unattached?"

I looked down and choked in the vast abyss
That laid down before me.
It was true that I was flying and the way down
Was ghastlier than trying

To fly again to higher ground, he needed to pull
The many strings attached to my heart
To fly again and be one, he needed to teach me
How falling could never mean that to fly again I would be unattached to him.

I found out that my friend is in a relationship. I had mixed feelings about it so I figured it would sound better coming out like this.

To Hot Mamah,

I hope this would reach you. I hope it would be a semblance of what you would have. Take care of your heart. We might not be able to let this one live if you choose the wrong one again.

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