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Pinaywriter's Love Poems

There it again the ever familiar feeling of emptiness

I have freed myself from the bind

and i feel trapped in a world too small for my liking

i curse the simplicity of this day

i hoped it would be harder to let you go

but i find it is more difficult letting go of the idea of us

of a togetherness that will never come

a bliss that is yet to be realized

i have replaced you in my heart

i have returned myself instead

there is no one here to return to

i wait no longer



dreamless slumber

there is no more fear to see
you in my sleep
the frantic prayer I once spoke
is now just thankful and brief

"if in your sleep
you dream of me
if in your dreams
we are meant to be,

remember now
remember me
I love you now
And forever thee."

Simone 07222008



Blurry vision of the ideal
Expel all hopes of finding perfection
By means of concave mirrors
That shows not my reflection
But of a demon I can’t vanquish
Nor allow to die
Twilight lurks in his eyes
Shards of broken glass
ScatteredDeflecting light
Absorbing my own bitterness
Fangs that dig deeper
To draw fresh blood
That spills over the pristine parchment
Dictating a lost love
A shadow yet another illusion
Which guards my heart
He kept it untarnished
As well as unloved
Needles pricking the skin
Releasing the puss
A reminder that
Obsession forever lasts.


Lost is translation


Kung maglalakad kang muli sa daang kinalimutan ng dating mangangasong dito sa bundok niya ay naligaw
Dito sa dibdib ng dalagang ang tanging sala ay magmahal
Matatagpuan mo ang kanyang pagpapala.
Kung tatahakin mo ang panahong yumao na
Upang balikan ang dati niyang ganda
Muli pa ay babasbasan ka ng kanyang halina.
Nakaratay sa lupa ni Bathala ang dalagang nananahan sa pighati
Dala ng pagkawalay sa taga-lupang kanyang minimithi.
Mag-ingat ka binata, sa bawat bulaklak na sasamyuin sa bundok niyang giliw,
Gayumang magpapanatili, magpapabalik sa iyo ika’y igagapi.
Mananahan din ang iyong puso sa kanyang berdeng tahanan magpakailanman
Upang muli’t muli pa ay siya’y balikan.

Waves of Regret

Where ends meet
The water will seize to flow
Memories will stay
As to where once passion flowed
Heaven will know no boundaries
When earth becomes such
To a soul who knows no one
But the one he truly loves
The sun will fade in twilight
When the lover’s boat embarks
To another journey apart from her
To a foreign shore it docks
When the wanderer’s feet meets
The sands of endless risks
It shall know the truth in his heart
At the beach where he departed
To a maiden he left his heart.


Time well spent

I waited then
Five hours past eight
My friends were late again
Then arrived and we left

I waited then
Five minutes past three
My roommate was taking a bath
Then came out and I bathe

I waited then
Three hours past our date
My lover arrived, breathless and apologetic
He held me and it was forgiven

I waited then
An eternity after forever
My heart was still broken
And he was not there.

I waited then
A split second past right now
My heart was still broken
But my friends were now here.

I waited then
A heartbreak beyond cynicism
My soul was still that of a hopeless romantic
But reality was there.

I am still waiting
For friends, for love
But I know all of this will end
And all would be forgiven


I didn't catch sleep
My mind was running
Thoughts of you and me
And of times past
I stopped
But then my head
Began to spin
I almost hurled
Could it be
That in my peace
There could be none
But memories of us?
Shouldn't I be
Rid of you
By the months
Of numbing abandon?
Everyone around me
Are throwing bouquets
Holding hands
Whispering promises
I had those once
With a special one
Who turned my stomach
When he killed the butterflies
Surely there is time
To lick the wounds
Then watch them heal
One after the other
Tomorrow is a new day
Another stranger would come
And yesterday will fade
Into old photographs

Simone 07082008
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