Sunday, September 26, 2010

archive Why we should thank our Home Economics teachers

Why we should thank our Home Economics teachers

Today when I was about to get out of the passenger seat of the jeepney when my pants got caught. I didn't force it off but some rouge metal had already created hole on my pants. The hole was along the lining of the right back pocket. Imagine the horror of trying not to let anyone see my ass. The rip was as long as my pointer finger.

As much as I loved my ass. I didn't want it to be exposed until I have revived it to it's glorious self. I went to the 88 store in Park Square and bought a sewing kit (which had too many thread more than I needed) and went to the bathroom to sew up the rip.

No thanks to the lady who kept tapping at the door to get in, I was able to sum up the hemming stitch that I remembered from elementary. I know that it would work well as a temporary repair. I would need to take this pair of pants home and ask my grandmom to sew it shut using her machine. Still as much as I can't remember the real name of my T.H.E. teacher, I send her my love now.

Otherwise I would have not only ripped my bestfriend's gift, I would have also had to buy a pair of pants which I couldn't afford right now.

So to all those girls who asked their moms to do their stitches for school, I pity you. You never know when that simple skill can save you from utter humiliation.


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