Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARCHIVE : February : For Friends and Fairs

February : For Friends and Fairs

The pseudo-sad news that my friend's mom is going to Bahrain soon and that she might be going there before next year made my Monday horoscope almost right to the letter. It said that I should get in touch with my friends because I would get some excellent news.

One of my friends who is overseas would be visiting for three weeks during one of the Ber months. That is after spending time in Europe. I could just die from envy if I wouldn't die from trying to get on a plane first. It's unfortunate that it would not be during the summer season. But it is just fortunate that I would be trying to get myself together just in time for her to come back.

My cousin in having her beach wedding on June so I really really need to lose the weight and the chismis on my legs. It was so much so that I agreed to let my mom put me in even more debt (to her not a bank) just so I would be able to look presentable at that wedding. I know my mom is not the "I want to see my daughter get wed" kind of mom but she also doesn't want me to have to make excuses for my weight when I go there.

She doesn't know the amount of self-confidence I am actually packing. Still it wouldn't hurt to be able to wear what I want on the wedding day without looking like an orca.

Nevertheless, the sudden and overwhelming motivation that I am getting is fighting with a nightshift schedule, much partying that needs to be done this February and the massive amount of stress that being a GL of a group of misfits under the dark reign at our office.

Stress makes me fat. If it made me skinny I would let them pile me with it. But it doesn't. So it sucks.

Nevertheless, after being able to get past January without writing another word for the Naomi and Gan, and being practically useless as the writer for Yo, Bo! I will try to make amends. Despite the additional hell that are new students. (I mean seriously, they really want us to resign.If I didn't have so much debt [to my mom] I would have quit already. Shite.)

I also have a side project for the teachers in the office. I am planning to make a poem or quotes then have Petiza, the other ex AM GL to distribute it on the 12th. (When I am safely in UPLB away from all the office mush that might ensue.)

So although I have no idea when I will fall in love again, February is not the month my first ex bf left me. It is the month I watch RENT the musical. ^^ The 13th can't get here any sooner.

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