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ARCHIVE: Free the Febfair!!!

Free the Febfair!!!

Madam President,

I understand that as the esteemed president of our beloved alma mater, you have so many concerns that taxes your time and your patience to their limit. I grieve with you that the prestige of the university seems to be slipping. But I take pride in my school, my dear UPLB, one of the many campuses that celebrate the University February Fair.

I have joined one single rally in my time as a student. I lost my voice translating the words of the speakers to an exchange student on that day in Mendiola. It dampened my spirits and I never joined another rally. But in every turn, in every chance, in every avenue that I can, I tell everyone that I learned a lot when I was in the university.

But not all of those lessons were learned inside the university. Almost 75% of that I learned from the many colorful and often seemingly reckless activities that I attended in UPLB. The parties and the fair where were I found out that the people who hold my hair when I am throwing up are the people whose lives I would share forever.

Not a single graduate or not-so graduate of the University forgets what they did or why they did it when they are walking in flipflops or barefooted on the field we call FREEDOM PARK.

We held hands with the person we love, some of which we married, others left us with only lessons to share to our children someday.

We found who we are amongst the grass, the trees, the merriment and the tears. We learned how to be good students of life.

We treasured all those moments. We learned that a simple act of standing up for what we believed in can change a lot. We learned that we are ripples.

Now as adults, distracted by our bills, our work, our so-called lives, we take leave of all those to come back and see, in the faces, music and laughter of the residents of our orgs, dorms and colleges, the young idealistic us that we left behind.

And after one day, of booze, laughter and nostalgia, we can go back to our lives and say. "Take me back to Elbi."

So please, do not let one greedy person, a few overzealous students and the idiots who chose to cause others harm stop this tradition of homecoming and sharing.

Yours truly,

Niña Rita Simon
Batch Representative
UPLB Batch 2002
AB Communication Arts graduate

Dear Sir,

I can honestly say that I now have more respect for Chancellor David than you. We thought he was a elitist who didn't understand what we the student body wanted. We thought that he was trying to cut us in our prime.

But under you dear sir, Icebag closed down.
The various changes and experimentation that you are putting students through is close to torture. The harder pill to swallow is that the students of my time are now teachers in your regime. And they are brusting on their seams to scream your name in a curse.

It's deplorable these rumors that are reaching us here in the real world, removed from your regime of seemingly childish ploys to place the blame on a student-run institution.

So they do not agree with what you say? So they poke fun of the rules that you recieve from the Madam? But have you no shame and no love? Have you no shame in the face that you would show to the hundreds, ney, thousands of alumni who await this Fair every year to go back and see their old alma mater? These alumni who have given anything to see the changes, the so-called positive changes that you and your predecessors have put into action.

Have you no love? Cut down the power, destroy what we put together with our hands, with the little money we worked hard to put together, all because you want to hoard the profit?

We already looked past the fact that our own council is suspended, but do you really have to cut down power to show that you can control us? What of those who have papers to write, programs to make and chapters to read? Would you not shed light on them?

You are making a new breed of activists, are you not aware of that? You are now the new champion of the Tibaks. Why? Because you are bringing the fight to the regular students. Those whose baser needs go before nationalistic thoughts and wants. They are now going to be your critics, they will now wonder why you are doing this? They would not understand your pompous reasons. They would now be soldiers against your tiny army of followers.

And when they leave they would take this experience, one of oppressed and downtrotten students to the streets, to their work and to their homes. They would no longer stand for injustice, you have made first blood.

Do not blame us if we scorn you, if we rebel against you.

There wouldn't be any rebels if there are no corrupt and arrogant tyrants.

Food for thought. The Fair was started by students from this school. Shame on you to tarnish our history.


I called my brother because I was worried about him. I know that he is busy putting together the booth for his org. He is the president of his org and this is his last FEBFAIR as a student. My other brother is in UPD and he is on his last semester as well. They are both marching this April. Next year, we would all be alumni. It would be many years later before another one of us can be a student in the university. When my nine-year old sister was two she used to say that she wants to go to UP. I wonder if it would still be something that I would like for her to do. 

My UPLB brother said that it's pitch black in the park. I told him to bring his rechargable lamp with him and to not bring anything valuable. I told him to be careful since he told me that it has now officially become a protest fair. There are no vendors, not light posts, no power. 

I fear that if they leave their booths, they would find in en shamble the next day. But I know Elbizens, they would not let this happen. They literally started this and they would see it to the end. 

Be careful, residents. Wait for us. 


According to some recent information:

The USC was suspended because they picketed against the admin. They can't hold events. And the fair is their event.

The rumor about the financial report springs from the fact that even last year, the vendors didn't know where they should make or to whom they should give their payments. Ergo, not enough stuff to make a decent financial report.

Lastly, the fair will be allowed but there won't be any vendors. So bring your own food.

I just hope the electricity would come back and there would be music in Makiling once again.
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