Sunday, September 26, 2010



The new slates of blue are flooding my e-mail as I have linked it to my multiply. I am almost happy that I don't have access to so many of my usual social networks. Otherwise, I would have been too miffed not to give them a piece of my mind.

Luckily I have this chance to tell them, all these slates, who thrive only when the red have bloodied the street with their own incompetence, to share to the student body what they perceive to be an alternative.

I assure you, YOU ARE NOT AN ALTERNATIVE. Both of you have the same idealistic pursuit of a utopia that you want to press on the student body. I would advice both sides to be wary of what they say in their speeches. I am sure that the heat from the madness that was the Febfair 2010 and the disappointment that the student body felt when it's own representation took it upon themselves to cause them discomfort, they would not listen to what you say, not likely. They would listen to how you sound, look at how you quiver in their intense gaze and the thrash you if they hear even an ounce of arrogance.

This time, they would not dismiss you, they would look, stare, discuss and then discard ones that they would find lacking. They would not look at color. No, they would not. Because the colors have decieved them once. The red burned them out. The blue froze their hearts. They would now hold in their hands their own needs, their own wants and they would not let those whose backbones are not as strong as their own win this election.a

Be wary of the young, for they are the most that you have disappointed. They remember ills longer than those who are about to leave. You take to heart not to promise them something they know that you can not deliver. Because they would not be as forgiving. No more brainwashing, no more apprenticeship, they would take you down if they disapprove of you.

Remember you are not above anyone. You are asking them to choose you to SERVE THEM first and foremost and NOT TO PRETEND TO BE THEIR RULER. Or to be above audit, common courtesy and legislation.

Prove your worth, leave your mark in the walls, in the halls, not by means of paper and tarpulin but projects that aid the students and not some forgotten cause.

Be wary of the past, the old ones who return. We too would judge you. And remember this, we have better scales to use because we know what the world does to those who corrupted by power. We have shed our idealism and embraced what the real world has to offer. So we know whether or not you would make something of yourselves when you leave the campus. So we know if you are worth anyone's vote.


To the Red,

Reign your fire.
Spit not on the faces of those whose believes are not shared by your party.
Remember that the fallacy of attacking a person's personality is an attack in your own dignity, in your own measurement as a person of dignity.

*This is in line with the recent alarming news that I heard about a young girl whom I have been proud to know. I hope she gets the redness out of her vision and learns to see the world without prejudice.

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