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What I hoped I knew when I graduated

1. Just because your a UP grad doesn't mean you would get the best job.
2. Yes, a clout can fall and you could get fired.
3. Yes, you could get promoted even if you didn't want to be.
4. It's best to wear comfortable shoes when you are walking to the building you work for. Wear the office shoes when you are near the entrance.
5. A long resume means less time for you to impress them with the real you. (this would not be good)
6. Yes, you can get a cool entry-level job as a UP graduate but what you can become is what matters when you get hired.
7. Never agree to a second job that has a less basic pay than the first job.
8. Open a savings account and make sure you put money in it.
9. Don't live from paycheck to paycheck. You would end up feeling broke at least twice a month.
10. If it's a battle between memories and money, choose memories. They are worth more than all the money you can ever earn.

more later...
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    What not to ask me since I am single

    I read this ( and made me want to ride about the things people have already asked me when I told them I didn't have a boyfriend. (I might do a sequel where I would list down what people ask me when I have a boyfriend.)

    1. Have you met my son?

    2. Have you met my nephew?

    3. Have you met my daughter?


    More later...
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      A Boss-Lady after my own heart

      She is leaving today.
      She doesn't want to link to anyone via any social network as long as they still work for this company. I didn't want to know why because I would have probably chocked someone.

      We prepared food for her, as is the AM way. Yes, whatever they do to us in the next few weeks, or for whatever reasons she might be leaving, we will always remember her as our AM SHIFT MANAGER who was nice enough to learn what "Masakit sa bangs" mean. ^_^

      I don't know half of what she had to endure to stay this long. But as per what my Korean student said, when the head gets cut off, the body starts to convulse then eventually it dies.

      Amidst all the weird and *hole bosses that I had from that country, she will remain the kind of person I would remember as the most efficient and nicest boss I ever had. And someday, when I am no longer in this company, I would look her up in FB and maybe I would see her with a family too.

      But for now, I cloak in green and go into mourning.

      Truly, the dark age is upon us if the last elf leaves Middle Earth.
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        Leean Meet Nancy Drew

        I will be giving my sister this comic book on her birthday. I need to collect the others. Gotta start them young. ^_^ I found hardy boys too so I might buy those for my nephews. Anyway to make them read anything would be an improvement. ^_^
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          My kind of wedding gift

          The card would read: Don't open this in front of my mother.
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            UPLB Graduation Souvenir

            I also have it in black.
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              Of comics and New Managers

              There is a new player in the field.
              I wonder what role he would play.
              He sounds like he is a bit strict but since I could hear him laugh, that means the guy is not completely without a sense of humor. The odd thing is that his birthday is on Wednesday.^_^ I hope there is food.

              It is customary for the new korean person to feed the hord of teachers to build comradery. I think it's a Korean workplace thing.

              I am still thinking of name for him.

              Cute anecdote: One of the people in the meeting introduced herself as still single and he blushed. I might just call him that. Pingku, after the way most students say the color pink. ^_^

              I realized why he wasn't talking in English. He still needs to improve his level. I hope he does. It would be hard for us to have a manager whose English level is something we have to adjust to.

              I already told my kids to strip their computers but I haven't gotten around to doing it because of the delays in the Yo Bo Komiks. I still need to find a decent left panel black template for it. (The artist wanted a black page with a left panel.) I hope that if Big (our balloon and producer) can't push things through that we have enough time and money to get this comics together.

              I might just have to give up my gym money for this. +_+; Shet.
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                Test Mic

                I am trying to test if Blogger can support purely audio on this player. ^_^
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                  Hi, my name is Bo!

                  Meet my co-worker Teacher Bo. He would be debuting on the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Robinson's Galleria Comic Odyssey on May 1, 2010. Come and meet him there. ^_^


                  You'll see me there too even if I have to go to Anilao that same day. +_+; The things I have to do for comics and friends. +_+ Aigoo.
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                    Polgara The Sorceress - David and Leigh Eddings

                    I can say that Polgara the Sorceress has become my favorite female fantasy character. She is motherly, snappy and loving not to mention her ability to create nightmares for people to see is just an awesome gift I want to have. ^_________^ I know it's a bit evil but it's definitely cool.

                    Her character reeks of Leigh Eddings touch on all of the books that they co-wrote. It is just fitting that my version of Polgara has both their names. The older editions of Belgarath, Belgaraid and Mallorean books that I have only had David Eddings name on them.

                    If it wasn't for my little brother GM I wouldn't never have "met" Polgara. Oh, what book reports these books could have made if I had them when I was in high school. +_+,
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                      SATC 2 + GotMig = BEST MAY EVER!

                      Polish your heels and round up your gal pals. It's here.

                      It is just fitting that on the same year Reina is coming home, *after two years* , Sex and The City 2 comes rolling in.
                      And the fact that they are going to an Arab country is just bound to make a splash elsewhere. I just wonder how the Pink Tarha Ladies would get to watch this movie. +_+

                      May Popout


                      I don't plan to be fudgy when that happens. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done this May. I just hope that I get out of my rut and go back to the leg press machines. +_+ I think I jinxed myself by saying it was getting fun.

                      Moving on.

                      I have been a devout Sex and the City fanatic since the censored version of it appeared on HBO Philippines. I stayed late at night, *after heartbreaks and during less than happening nights* watching the episodes and picking great quotes and comparing my personality with the women on the screen. I didn't care if people criticized them as the slutty role models. I was after all, in college during that time. ^_^

                      I always loved Samantha's character. ^_^ Ergo, I used it for my English name as an online English teacher. ^_^ When she got fatter in the first movie, I could relate. ^_^ I also have her I don't want to get married but I love you still philosophy. The catch with the Samanthas of the world is that we love ourselves above others and our friends above ourselves. ^_^

                      I love her like that.


                      Then there is the gotMIG shirt I am waiting for. ^_^ BEST.MAY.Ever.

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                        Yo, Bo! Desktop 042110

                        I finished, with Norby (our artist) the logos for the cover page for Yo, Bo!, the comic that we are putting together. We sent it to BigM, our editor and burger distributor, for feedback.

                        Which reminds me, I have to make a blogger for Bo. Check him out as Bo Di at facebook. His email is Add him up!
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                          Visit Korea - videos


                          I found some cute ads about Korea. We really need to rethink our Wow Philippines ads ^_^;

                          This one is nice too. It shows that there are tons to do and see in Korea. ^_^

                          This one is with a family. It's nice too.

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                            What Pinoys Really Think About Hair

                            Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. I didn't do any surveys or what not so don't troll me about it. This is just from years of experience of chopping off and growing my hair. It was inspired by this Shine article What Men Really Think About Your Hair

                            1. Stallion Hair
                            When I had very long hair, more guys paid attention. The weird thing is that older guys are the ones who paid attention. The shampoo commercials are not that far from the truth. My long, slightly wavy hair comes in handy when I get lost in the city. I pull my "pamuyod" and shake my hair loose and smile. I am sure to find someone who would help me get to where I need to go.

                            Most pinoys are traditional when it comes to their better half's hair. I had made it my own ritual to chop off my hair when I break or want to break up with a guy. ^_^; They prefer that their lady love would look more feminine and therefore mask that they are actually not the one wearing the pants in the relationship. (I am kidding, kinda.)

                            What I noticed is that most girls who are raised in a more sheltered home (raises hand) have mothers who have short hair. But when they are growing up, they have to keep either ultra short hairs or super long ones. The latter, at least in the eyes of my mother, teaches a woman to take care of herself. Unfortunately for her, I didn't learn that lesson until it was a wee bit too late. My hair that once was very pampered had become sun-dried from all the softball that I played. ^_^

                            2. Ponytail

                            This is the practical, go-getter hair that most of the time keeps strangers from making a double take. The whole thing reeks of practicality against the heat. This is what I call my travel hair. The only problem is it gets in the way when you sit on the bus. Guys don't pay that much attention to this hairstyle although some like it.

                            There is an almost childlike innocence connected to ponytails and braids so most guys don't really put this style into the sexy category. At the very least they perceive that a girl who keeps her hair in a pony is neither in the mood to party nor all that interesting to be with. I know, it's harsh but anyone can troll me about this. I believe it's true.

                            3. Pin-Up

                            This is the pulled back into a severe bun called the "Librarian Hair". I only use this if I am in the mood to look older or if I want to be a wallflower. This can be a bit sexy if complimented with corporate clothes that are snug. Still, guys stay away from the bun-ladies since they almost always project the "Miss Tapya" attitude.

                            It is rare for a guy to engage a girl like this in a casual conversation. It does kick their "help the elderly" gene into gear. I am talking about Pinoys so yeah they have that. (at least the ones that I know, the rest I don't acknowledge)

                            4. Sassy

                            Short, sassy and brush with one's fingers hair appeals to men who like strong women. I noticed this when I had what I called my Spunky hair. It was cut by a barber and grew in a glacial pace. It made me perky perhaps because I didn't have the kilos to carry on my shoulders. There is a slight disadvantage that whenever you go to a fastfood joint the cashier would look at the corner of their eye and say "What's your order, sir?" then follow it up with an apology.

                            Still this hair had made me do things that I would not be able to mention here.

                            Most guys don't know just how fun girls with short hair are. They think that they are too boyish and almost as practical as those who ponytail their hair all the time. But imagine this, we spend half of the time we bathe in our hair. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we had to use less water and you had to wait less minutes for us to finish getting ready for our date?

                            5. Emo Hair

                            As much as I hate emos, (Yeah, I'm talking to you side bangs!) they exist.I had a hair style that resembled this. It was the longer version of my sassy hair. The awful thing was that I also loved eyeliners ( there was a time when that was the only make-up I wore) and the color black. Goth was my generation, emo was just it's bastardized version. Goth is fashion, Emo is crap. +_+

                            Emo guys respond well to this hair. Regular guys find the more eccentric emo do's just plain weird. ^_^

                            6. Beach Babe or Reggae Chick

                            Dreadlocks and corn rolls were never my thing. But it attracts a certain group of men. The kinds that I would rather be friends with.

                            Regardless of how you wear your hair, all that matters is you find that one Pinoy who would tuck one loose strand to the back of your ear.

                            In my case, I'd rather go bald than let a guy like me just because of my hair. ^_^

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                                Smart Women are dumb in love +_+

                                Smart women are dumb when in love too. 

                                I can attest to this, 100%
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                                  I hope I have something to contribute

                                  Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)
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                                    Gym Day # 3: Muscles Awakened

                                    Disclaimer: This is from my personal physical assessment and should not be taken as an expert view about fitness.

                                    Even before, when I still played softball, I was able to get back into the rhythm of things after three training days. I am glad that I am now able to do free range movements without feeling too wound up and sore. I was also able to do that program with less shaking than before. Although the chest press still feels like I would have my arms disloged from their sockets, I feel better today.

                                    That might be because I actually did a pretty good warm up. I forgot how important that was in exercising. I blacked out the warm out that I had to do when I was still in softball training. It makes my gym program look like child's play. I think the reason why I could run ten laps around our field was just sheer robotic will. I need to get back that kind of spirit. I think that, more than anything would get me back in shape.

                                    Let's just say that I am investing on my future by trying to get back into my old self. I know that it's impossible to get it all back since I smoked and drank my health away already. But I can lessen the damage that I have done by getting the athletic me back on board. ^_^

                                    Who knows, one day, I could even join one of those fun runs. ^_^
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                                      Pet Peeve : Getting caught in a lie

                                      I hate it when I know for sure you are lying and you are still trying to blame it on someone else.

                                      More on this later
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                                        Dolphin Rule

                                        Rule #1: Make sure it's work related.

                                        If not then:

                                        Rule #2 Don't do it when you have class.
                                        Rule #3 Don't get caught.

                                        New Rule: Don't fucking bluff me that you didn't do it when you actually did worse than you were memo-ed for.
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                                          Gym Day #2 : Sauna Me Time

                                          I am a wimp and that is something that I know for a fact. I have a low threshold for pain. So these past couple of days have been torture for me.

                                          I feel like my soul hurts whenever I move but I just try to remember the things that my cousin said that there is no hope for me to loose weight and then I get all fired up. I am doing this not only to fit in that damn dress for June but also to show myself that I can stick to one thing that is good for me even if it hurts.

                                          I spent a few minutes in the sauna and realized that although some people might think that doing that alone can be boring, I find that the time I get just being on my own with nothing to worry about is doing more good for me than the actual exercises. So I also told Coach Rev that I don't want someone telling me what to do or talking to me when I am exercising. I am sure that it would take longer to do loose the 20kgs that I want to loose this way. But I want to do it my way. MWF weight training based on the program that he made for me. TTH cardio training. I will do my best to not eat saucy pork until June and see if eating fish would help me lose weight. Thank god that the Del caf next to Summit has good looking fish dishes. ^_^

                                          I am not saying that I would commit to a diet because I know for a fact that it is close to impossible for me to stick to one. But I will try.

                                          I am hoping that sometime by the end of this month, my muscles would get used to the pains and I can move with less groaning.

                                          God help me. ^_^
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                                            First time ko - FAIL

                                            Komikon in Gerry's site 

                                            This reminded me that I am going to my very first comic convention ever this Saturday. ^_^ I am excited and bummed at the same time. I don't have a lot of money so this would just be like window shopping (which I hate although I am biologically a girl). I would be with Yo Bo co-creators (watch out for that - we putting together our free comic (16 pages) for May), Big and Norb on that day. I feel like my days reading Filipino comics ended a long time ago. But with Wasted and Zaturna it was revived. Still, I am more of a book person than a comics person. Still, it wouldn't hurt to learn some other way of writing. ^_^


                                            I had to attend a company session at Yoohoos at Metrowalk and miscalculated my drinking haitus. +_+ I had to walk from Metrowalk to SM Megamall while trying not to trip and puke. I managed to get home in Makati without a hitch or an embarrassing puking scenario. Unfortunately it was humanly impossible for me to get up until 5 p.m. that day. So I missed the komikon.


                                            There is always next time. ^_^
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